Note from Director of Developmental Services Kerry Ivers: What's the role of the Developmental Services Department?
The term “Developmental Services” can mean many things depending on the industry and/or organization. Here in the Town of Penfield, Developmental Services is involved in a variety of activities focused on three primary functions:

  • Maintain and expand connections between the Town of Penfield and our local business and development community, including active involvement with the Penfield Business Chamber (PBC)
  • Provide input and/or leadership on a wide range of policy and long-range development initiatives, including modifications to Town regulations and grant-seeking efforts
  • Serve as liaison to Town Board for incoming development applications in specified zoning districts (e.g., Four Corners, LaSalle’s Landing, and Planned Development)
As the Director of Developmental Services, internal and external communication and coordination are critical. Internally, I’m fortunate to work closely with several departments, including, but not limited to, the Planning and Engineering Department, Building and Zoning Department and the Department of Public Works to carry out various tasks and projects on behalf of the Town. Externally, I work directly with the PBC on business and community outreach, coordinate the Town of Penfield’s participation in their special events (e.g., PenFest), and help to represent the Town at local business events, including ribbon cuttings. If there is a pair of oversized scissors and a nice ribbon being used at a new or newly relocated/renovated business in Penfield, look for me. I’m usually there too (and I love it).

As we head into the end of the year, it is an important time to look back at the year’s growth and accomplishments and also look ahead to next year’s goals and priorities. This year, Supervisor Debbie Drawe and I were honored to present a “2023: A Year in Review” slideshow at the PBC’s annual meeting. The process of assembling the presentation crystallized for me the scope and extent of the policy-making and development-related achievements that have been experienced so far this year.

The Town of Penfield is actively pursuing a wide range of much-needed infrastructure and town facilities improvements (e.g., Shadow Pines, DPW Facility, utility upgrades) and policy updates (e.g., Comprehensive Plan Update Adoption and Town Code updates).  Many new businesses have invested in our community and are excited to make Penfield their new or additional home. Millions of dollars have been invested in a wide range of new development, redevelopment, and renovation projects throughout the Town, especially in Penfield’s varied commercial districts. Every commercial and mixed-use development area in Town has experienced some level of investment.  

Developmental Services can mean different things to different people. For me, it means connecting people with the information and resources they need to achieve shared goals. 

Kerry Ivers, Director of Developmental Services