Home Occupation

All residents within the town of Penfield are entitled to conduct a business from their residence under the provisions of Chapter 250-5.1-D(3)(a) of the Penfield Zoning Ordinance known as Customary Home Occupation.  No permit is required to conduct a Customary Home Occupation.

The requirements for a Customary Home Occupation are set forth as follows: 

  1. The business shall be conducted only within the dwelling unit. Wholesale and retail sales in which merchandise is stored on, sold or shipped from the premises; manufacturing of any type, repair and services of a mechanical nature, as for example but not by way of limitation, equipment and vehicle repair services and lawn services, are specifically prohibited. Examples of permitted uses include, but are not limited to, insurance agencies, accountants, haircutting, businesses conducted primarily by mail, telephone or computer and the office component only of business which would otherwise be prohibited.
  2. The business shall be owned and operated by the resident(s) only.
  3. The business shall have no employee who is not a resident of the dwelling unit.
  4. The business shall not be conducted in any garage or other accessory structure on the premises; nor shall it create a traffic flow or other visual appearance inappropriate to the residential character of the neighborhood
  5. Exterior alterations to the residence which change the essential residential appearance thereof shall be prohibited.
  6. The business shall at all times be incidental and secondary to the primary use of the building as a dwelling.