Penfield’s businesses have their origins in providing service to the 19th-century pioneer farming community. As the town developed, the need for greater goods and services resulted in the development of business districts, particularly in the Four Corners and in East Penfield. After World War II and into the 1960s and 70s, residential development increased in West Penfield. Commercial and industrial districts followed suit and developed in proximity to residential growth. East Penfield saw less development and remained mostly agricultural with little emphasis on business growth.

Over the decades, Penfield’s business districts continued to develop as we know them today. Penfield is primarily a “bedroom community,” with 92% of all lands in the town residentially zoned, leaving the remaining 8% zoned as commercial and industrial. That 8% has been almost fully developed with little area remaining to provide for new development. 

Alongside Penfield's farmlands and open spaces, local businesses play a vital role in serving the needs of our community and world, as many products produced here are shipped internationally. The business environment in Penfield is friendly, healthy, and competitive, fostering growth across a number of industries. The business community has been—and continues to be—supportive of many civic, charitable, sporting, and educational events.

The Town works hand-in-hand with the Penfield Business Chamber and numerous neighborhood and community groups to support planned, effective commercial development, making Penfield a unique community to live and conduct business.

Penfield's primary business districts are as follows:

Agricultural and Farm

Browncroft Boulevard and Creek Street


Four Corners

LaSalle's Landing

Lloyd's Corners

Mixed Use District

Panorama Valley

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