Developmental Services

The Department of Developmental Services provides the primary connection between the Town and  Penfield’s businesses community. The Department of Developmental Services monitors business development throughout the town and serves as the Town’s liaison to the Penfield Business Chamber.

The Director of Developmental Services oversees development applications in the Four Corners District and the LaSalle’s Landing Development District and works with any special projects or development applications requiring Town Board approval. This department also works closely with the Town’s Building Services, Engineering, and Planning departments to identify planning, zoning, and development issues and needs. The department also assists with implementing the policies and processes required to meet the Town’s development priorities and goals.

If you should have questions please contact the Department of Development Service at (585) 340-8642 prior to submitting this application.

Prior to submittal, applicants are required to contact the Developmental Services Department to discuss the proposed development (585) 340-8642.

The Town of Penfield Town Board reviews applications for Preliminary/Final Site Plan and/or Subdivision approval in a formal public hearing for all properties
within the Four Corners District (FC) and LaSalle’s Landing Development District (LLDD). The Town Board reviews Incentive Zoning requests in all zoning districts.


  1. Penfield Development Services Application Form with applicant’s signature.
  2. Properly executed and signed NYS DEC Short Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) for the Part 1 section only. An applicant may complete the form using the
    DEC’s EAF Mapper program,
  3. Letter of Intent, which shall include the following:
    1. A detailed summary of the existing conditions of the site and the proposed
      development. Photos of the existing conditions are recommended.
    2. Identification of the Zoning District and current property owner(s).
    3. Proposed construction schedule and phasing, if known.
    4. Identification of all applicable Town, County, State, and Federal permits, area variances, and any other regulatory approvals needed to complete the proposed development.
    5. Presence of Environmental Protection Overlay Districts (EPODs) including, but not limited to, the delineation of floodplains and wetlands.
  4. Engineered Site Plans: Plans must be stamped by a Professional Engineer and shall be designed in compliance with the Town of Penfield Design and Construction Specifications
  5. Architectural Requirements: Four-sided color elevations and/or 3D renderings with building colors and materials clearly labeled. Physical material samples will
    be required at the public hearing.
  6. Permission Letter from the current property owner(s) granting authorization for the agent or applicant to represent the said owner(s) on their behalf for the purposes
    of the application.
  7. Application Fees: Make check payable to the "Town of Penfield". See the Board Fees.
  8. Electronic files may be submitted via e-mail to as attachments, with a secure download link, or on a CD or flash drive.
  9. PDF File for Application Instructions