Animal Control

If you have an emergency call 911

Do not wait for Animal Control to respond.

The Town of Penfield’s Office of Animal Control enforces the local Animal Control Ordinance “to protect the health, safety, and welfare of persons; to protect and preserve public and private property, peace and good order; and to promote the taking of effective and appropriate action when wildlife or animals become a nuisance, destroy property or menace an individual or domestic animal.” (Penfield Town Code Chapter 90 - Animals,  Article III - Animal Control Officer)

Animal Control responds to resident calls regarding ordinance violations, lost and found pets, and suspected rabid wildlife. The office loans live traps to residents and provide community education on wildlife and domestic animal safety. Officers also conduct a periodic dog census and assist with New York State licensing. 

The Office of Animal Control is available to respond to emergencies 24-7.

Dog Licensing is managed by the Town Clerk's Office