Comprehensive Plan

Information for the Town's Comprehensive Plan is available under Projects of Community Interest.

The Comprehensive Plan provides an overall framework for future public and private investment in the community. It includes recommendations that reflect current conditions and articulates Penfield's vision for its future. Further, it establishes policies and strategies to achieve that vision and serves as a guide for future planning and policy decisions, including the rezoning of property as appropriate.

The Town of Penfield updates its Comprehensive Plan roughly every ten years. To date, Penfield has completed six Comprehensive Plans since the 1960s and is currently working with the guidelines set forth in the 2010 Comprehensive Plan. 

At the July 18, 2018 town board meeting, council members approved the following individuals to the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update Committee.

Agendas and Minutes

Committee Members

  • Daniel Berger
  • Courtney Dudek
  • George Flansburg
  • Charles Fox
  • Michael Gsellmeier
  • Lisa Latten
  • Harold Mellars
  • Roland Osterwinter
  • Heidi Rasmussen
  • Matthew Rich
  • Brandon Smith
  • Donna Spinella
  • Christopher Whipple
  • Emily Zink

Staff Support –(as needed/requested)

  • Engineering/Planning
  • Developmental Services
  • DPW
  • Library
  • School Districts
  • Recreation

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Town staff and the committee conducted a series of work sessions to establish background information, identify and work through a variety of topics, and meet with subject matter experts. An informational meeting was held on September 24, 2019, to solicit residents’ thoughts and ideas for future planning goals. Committee members listened to and noted residents’ input for further work session discussions.

From this, the committee will begin to create a draft Comprehensive Plan Update document to present to the Town Board and the public.