Townwide stormwater drainage relates to the conveyance of surface water, including but not limited to creeks, streams, wetlands, roadway culverts, or storm sewers. These facilities are maintained by the Town of Penfield or the operating authority of the roadway. Except for roadway drainage structures, these facilities may or may not be located on Town-owned land or are under an easement to the Town. Where there is no easement, the Town will require an easement to be granted upon any development project that requires Town approval.

Documents and reports regarding drainage and stormwater management: Plans, Studies and Reports

General activities associated with managing regionalized drainage facilities includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Cleaning drainage ditches, removing debris from streams or creeks
  • Streambank stabilization or reinforcement
  • Keeping Town drainage studies current
  • Conducting sub-basin studies, where required
  • Applying for NYSDEC/US Army Corps permits, where required
  • Planning and implementation of improvements to mitigate flooding and reduce floodplain acreage
  • General maintenance of regional detention /retention facilities to ensure that storage and flow is not impeded
  • Raising and lowering water levels in ponds, as required for function

The maintenance of these channels may be done by the Town, or its contractors, as needed for emergency services or as part of an annual maintenance program. The Town will make every effort to obtain a release prior to entering private property to complete these services.

To report a drainage problem please submit a " Service Request "

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