Energy and Environmental Conservation

The Energy and Environmental Conservation Committee (EECC) in the Town of Penfield plays a crucial role in ensuring that construction projects in the area comply with environmental regulations and guidelines. The committee conducts a thorough review of the development projects with the review requested by the lead agency or affecting Environmentally Protected Overlay Districts (EPODs). Based on this review, the committee issues an advisory report that is submitted to the lead agency of the project, such as the Town Board, Planning Board, or Zoning Board of Appeals.

The EECC's mission is to promote energy and environmental stewardship in the Town of Penfield. This includes encouraging the conservation of resources, promoting the use of native plantings, and advocating for public policies that support sustainable development. In addition, the EECC is responsible for reviewing development projects in environmentally protected overlay districts (EPODs) to ensure that they comply with local and state regulations.

The EECC is composed of appointed members and is vested with all the powers and duties of a Conservation Board under both the Town of Penfield Code and the applicable State Statutes. Additionally, the committee has taken on the additional duties that were previously assigned to the former Energy and Environmental Advisory Committee (EEAC).
This merger of the Conservation Board and EEAC has allowed for a more comprehensive and efficient approach to environmental protection and management in the Town of Penfield.

Town Councilmember Kevin Berry is the Town Board Liaison.

The EECC is a five-member body that meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month.
The committee members serve a one-year term (January 1 through December 31)

Cynette Cavaliere, Chair
Roy Green
Daniel Moore
Katie Rygg
Pat Schichler
Mark Valentine, Town Engineer
Sarah Waterman, Sustainability Engineer
Matt Prinzing, Junior Planner

All meetings are open to the public and broadcast LIVE on Penfield Television beginning at 4:30 PM. If you would like to submit comments or questions to the committee post-meeting, please contact the town's Engineering Department at (585) 340-8681 or the Planning Department at (585) 340-8640 or by email.

Presentations Video Archive

Climate Smart Communities Recorded on January 11, 2024: Presented by Rachel Scudder and Rob Richardson of the Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council (Clean Energy Communities)
Trees and Shrubs for Penfield Landscaping Recorded October 12, 2023: During a regularly scheduled EECC Meeting. Guest Presentation on Native and Invasive Plant Species of Penfield, featuring Bruce Zaretsky of Zaretsky and Associates, Inc (30-min. presentation)
The Electric Car: The Future is Here Recorded September 29, 2014: Bob Kanauer of LTHS Solar will discuss the history, design, and growing popularity of the electric car, as well as pros and cons, and the future of the electric car. 
Solar Photovoltaic System Recorded November 3. 2014: Ram Shrivastava from Larsen Engineers will talk about how Solar PV Systems work, tie into the electrical grid, and what makes a good site for the installation of solar panels. Also learn about the cost, NYSERDA incentives available, and tax credits.
Raingardens and Stormwater Management Recorded October 6, 2014: Town of Penfield Planning Department Head Mark Valentine, and landscape consultant Bruce Zaretsky of Zaretsky Assoc., Inc. will talk about how rain gardens can turn a wet spot in your yard into an attractive and useful feature for managing water on your property. They can also be a habitat for birds and beneficial insects while keeping clean fresh rainwater out of the sewer system. 
Recycling & Creatively Reusing in Monroe County Recorded September 22, 2014: Representatives from Monroe County’s Solid Waste division talk about how recycling works in Monroe County, and then Deb Muratore from Greenovation will demonstrate some ways to creatively reuse products that have outlived their original purpose.
Ten Practical Steps to Reduce Carbon Living Recorded October 20, 2014: Whether you want to save the planet or just save some money, there are practical things we all can do to reduce our carbon footprint. Environmental Engineer Cynette Cavaliere will share 10+ simple things we can do to reduce emissions, energy use, and waste.
Butterfly Garden and Wildlife Habitats Recorded October 27, 2014: Bruce Zaretsky of Zaretsky Associates will talk about an essential part of our ecosystem – butterflies. Learn how butterflies are important to our environment and how you can create your own butterfly-attracting garden using plants right outside your door. Tim Fowler of the Seneca Park Zoo will explain the basics of the Butterfly.
Electric Car Charging - Community Center Grand Opening Recorded April 28, 2012: The event also features an electric car show from a local Rochester Group. This charging station was the first to be activated in Monroe County.
Solar Powered Sewer Pump Station - Maple Park Heights off Creek Street Recorded May of 2012: This particular pump station was chosen because its small size makes it a manageable project and an ideal introductory step towards using renewable energy more town facilities.
Home Energy Smart Workshop Recorded January 17, 2012 to help residents understand programs available to help them reduce energy use and annual energy costs by an average of $700.