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Assessment3 documents

  • Report - 2020 Final Assessment Roll
    document seq 0.00
    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Assessor for the Town of Penfield, County of Monroe, has completed the Final Assessment Roll for 2020
  • Report - 2019 Final Assessment Roll
    document seq 0.00
    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Assessor for the Town of Penfield, County of Monroe, has completed the Final Assessment Roll for the year 2019
  • Report - 2019-2020 Property Sales
    document seq 0.00

Communications1 document

  • Policy - Government Access TV Operations
    document seq 0.00
    The mission of the Town of Penfield Government Access Television is to serve the Penfield community by providing access to local town government services and activities; to inform residents on local government issues, and public affairs; and to facilitate the exchange of public information through various forms of electronic communications.

Town Comprehensive2 documents

  • Plan - 2010 Comprehensive
    document seq 1.00
    The purpose of this Comprehensive Plan is to provide an overall framework for future public and private investment in our community. This Plan updates the recommendations of the 2000 Plan to reflect current conditions and Penfield's vision for its future.
  • Plan - 2000 Comprehensive
    document seq 2.00
    The intent of the 2000 update was to determine if the recommendations of the 1990 plan are still current and continue to reflect Penfield's vision of its future. Although this document represents the statement or instrument of town policy, it should not foreclose future decisions that do not align precisely with the stated goals or policies

Environmental8 documents

Drainage4 documents

  • Report - 2019 MS4 Municipal Compliance Certification
    document seq 0.00
    Compliance activities that were accomplished during the reporting period and performance measures to evaluate overall effectiveness of each minimum control measure.
  • Info Sheet - Preventing Flooding Message
    document seq 0.00
    With the weather finally turning warmer, snow piles are beginning to melt. Help prevent street flooding and icing by clearing snow away from storm sewer catch basins near your home.
  • Policy - Stormwater Management
    document seq 0.00
    The Town Board is responsible for determining the overall drainage needs of the community and approving an annual drainage tax levy sufficient to ensure that those needs are met.
  • Info Sheet - Stormwater Ponds Presentation
    document seq 0.00
    In maintaining waterways the Town of Penfield manages 155 ponds, 95-miles of creeks and streams, 20 miles of storm sewers, 5,000 catch basins and 3,000 storm manholes

Irondequoit Bay Area4 documents

  • Study - Irondequoit Bay Biological
    document seq 0.00
    This study provides scientific data to support recommendations for land and water use in the Irondequoit Bay Harbor Management Plan, and it provides a benchmark for future studies as development and natural resource management occur in the study area.
  • Report - Draft - Expansion of Southpoint Marina - DEIS
    document seq 0.00
    Town Board acting as Lead Agency pursuant to State Environmental Quality Review Act has required the preparation of a Draft Scoping Outline for the proposed expansion of the Southpoint Marina at 1384 and 1420 Empire Blvd.
  • Plan - Irondequoit Bay Harbor Management
    document seq 0.00
    The Harbor Management Plan is intended as an addendum to the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plans (LWRPs) adopted by the Towns of Irondequoit (1988), Penfield (1991) and Webster (1997). The LWRPs provided guidance for the regulation of landside development in the Bay ecosystem and have been approved by the NYS Secretary of State, with the concurrence of the U.S. Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management.
  • Local Waterfront Revitalization Program - LWRP
    document seq 0.00
    The Town of Penfield considered that future development of the primarily built-out residential neighborhoods east of Empire Boulevard and east of Irondequoit Creek could be controlled by existing Town legislation or regulations to have a minimal impact on the adjacent coastal area.

Infrastructure7 documents

  • Report - Highway Monitoring System
    document seq 8.01
    The purpose of this report is to serve as an update to the 1989 "Town-wide Strategic Traffic Study" that identified existing traffic conditions in the town, and provided from a planning perspective, insight into the future transportation needs. This update provides information on today's transportation system performance and trends in the Town of Penfield.
  • Plan - Long Range Transportation 2007-2027 LRTP
    document seq 12.01
    The purpose of the LRTP Update is to provide a 20-year perspective of existing and projected transportation system capabilities, needs, and associated objectives, as well as recommended policies and actions to meet these objectives.
  • Plan - Route 250 / 441 Land-Use and Access Management
    document seq 18.01
    A plan with a practical balance between the need for access to land development and the need to preserve the flow of traffic along the adjoining arterial roadways, while preserving the residential character to the adjoining properties.
  • Study - Route 250 Corridor Transportation
    document seq 18.02
    2008. The purpose of this study is to develop a long range plan for the Route 250 corridor that addresses the transportation needs of each linked community. Current and future congestion problems, future growth, roadway improvement needs, access management strategies, and auto, truck, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements will all be addressed.
  • Study - Route 286 Corridor
    document seq 18.03
    The Route 286 corridor, for the purposes of this study, extends from New York State Route 590 in Brighton to NYS Route 350 in Walworth and is approximately 10 miles in length.
  • Study - Route 404 Corridor
    document seq 18.04
    1999 - The Route 404 corridor, the purposes of extends from Culver Road (Route 941 B) in Irondequoit to the Webster line, is approximately 7 miles in Figure ES-J). Route 404 has as follows:
  • Study - Traffic - Townwide Strategic
    document seq 20.01
    1997 - As area growth develops, the transportation system must accommodate the added traffic demands associated with development and economic growth. This townwide traffic study was designed to evaluate the cumulative effects of traffic generated by future developments, and to assess the existing and possible future traffic conditions in the town. T

Traffic Counter ReportsNo documents

Land Use Development13 documents

  • Mixed Use Design Manual
    document seq 0.00
    This Mixed Use Development Manual provides guidelines to support requirements set forth in the Town of Penfield Mixed Use District Zoning Ordinance, Appendix E.
  • Report - Allens Creek Preliminary Geomorphic Assessment
    document seq 1.01
    The portion of Aliens Creek included in this assessment extends from the Penfield/Brighton Town line downstream to the confluence with Irondequoit Creek. The purpose of this initial effort is to perform a visual assessment of existing stream conditions, and to identify problematic areas where excessive channel destabilization and streambank erosion are evidenced.
  • Report - Open Space Inventory
    document seq 15.01
    This report contains a series of updated maps that are intended to be used for land use planning and policy decisions by various boards, committees and staff of the Town of Penfield. The information herein has been compiled from a variety of sources and by a number of groups and individuals
  • Plan - Planning Board Design Guidelines
    document seq 16.01
    The following design guidelines are hereby established by the Penfield Planning Board for the purpose of encouraging quality design and enhancing the aesthetic character of non-residential and multiple housing (MR) projects where applicable within the Town.
  • Study - Route 250 Corridor Land-Use
    document seq 18.01
    The overall study limits are from Lake Road in Webster to Rte. 96 in Victor and involve the Towns of Webster, Penfield, Perinton and Victor, along with the villages of Webster and Fairport. This corridor study will concentrate primarily on transportation elements of the corridor, but will also include land use discussions for the municipalities.
  • Shadow Pines Property
    document seq 19.01
    The Shadow Pines Property is approximately 212 acres in size and is located generally at the southwest of the Atlantic Avenue and Whalen Road intersection.
  • Plan - Tree Preservation Guidelines
    document seq 20.01
    These guidelines encourage tree preservation techniques for proposed developments where important trees exist but may not be protected by existing regulations, such as the Woodland EPOD.

Economic Development6 documents

  • Plan - Browncroft, Blossom, Creek Neighborhood
    document seq 0.00
    Adopted in 2002: This plan is part of a series of actions the Town has initiated to make informed land use decisions adjacent to the Browncroft Boulevard/Creek Street/Blossom Road intersection to ensure the future attractiveness and functional operation of the area for residents and businesses.
  • Plan - Panorama Valley Neighborhood
    document seq 0.00
    Adopted in 1998. This Plan explores both social and physical land issues associated with the existing conditions and potential future development of the study area.
  • Study - Economic Development
    document seq 0.00
    Received in 2009: Studying the characteristics of Penfield's six business districts and develop a plan and vision for their future. The six business districts are LaSalle's Landing, North Penfield, Browncroft Corners, Panorama, Four Corners and Lloyd's Corners
  • Plan - Four Corners of Penfield
    document seq 0.00
    Adopted in 2000. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the long range future needs and vision of the Four Comers area.
  • Plan - North Penfield Crossroads (Bay-Empire-Creek) Area
    document seq 0.00
    Adopted in 2007: This plan has at its core an attempt to unify and strengthen the identity and character of the business district as a whole, and to balance the land use and transportation aspects of this commercial crossroads with the surrounding residential neighborhoods.
  • Plan - LaSalle Landing (Irondequoit Bay)
    document seq 0.00
    Adopted in 1997 - An Inter-municipal Plan of Action for guiding development of those lands located along the south shoreline of Irondequoit Bay and fronting along a portion of Empire Boulevard in the Towns of Irondequoit and Penfield

Parks and Recreation7 documents

Recreation Master Plans4 documents

  • Plan - 2019 Recreation Master
    document seq 0.00
    This master plan will shape the delivery of future recreation programming and services. It provides information to help leaders identify facilities and resources that are needed to meet the town's short-term goals while providing a long-term foundation for future generations. Additionally, this master plan is a key reference document that will influence the Town of Penfield's broader 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update.
  • Plan - 2012 Recreation Master
    document seq 2.01
    The Town of Penfield Recreation Department created a Recreation Master Plan update Committee in April of 2012. This volunteer committee was comprised of Town staff, Town Board members, and residents who possessed a familiarity of the programs and services the recreation department presently provides. The committee kicked off the update process in May of 2012 with a goal of completing the plan within one year. The focus of the committee was to update the existing Recreation plan without the aide of a paid professional consultant. This process saved the Town a significant expense and the mission to create a workable plan was still obtained. The committee members met monthly and worked diligently to complete the update in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Plan - Bicycle Facilities Master
    document seq 2.85
    2008. This report summarizes the objectives, procedures and products derived from the analysis and planning studies for the Bicycle Facilities Master Plan for the Town of Penfield.
  • Plan - 2007 Recreation Master
    document seq 3.00
    This master plan is intended to continue thirty years of consistent planning and sound implementation to expand Penfield's fifty year premier system of parks and recreational services to meet the town's present and future needs and capabilities.

Trail Studies2 documents

  • Study - Irondequoit Creek Valley Multi-Use Trail
    document seq 0.00
    2008. The Genesee Transportation Council (GTC) contracted with Environmental Design and Research (EDR) to conduct a site analysis, assess feasibility, and produce concept-level planning and design for an Irondequoit Creek Valley Multi-Use Trail. When complete, the trail would follow the path of Irondequoit Creek for approximately 5.4 miles from the wetlands at the southern end of Irondequoit Bay to the Penfield town line at Spring Lake Park. The Irondequoit Creek Valley Multi-Use Trail is envisioned as a recreational pathway and alternative transportation route for bicyclists and pedestrians traveling in the Irondequoit Creek Valley.
  • Plan - Sherwood Field Community Trail
    document seq 0.00
    2008. Establish a trail hierarchy that provides both accessibility and challenge to serve the widest cross section of community residents. Balance conservation and enhancement of site ecology with recreational use. Emphasize long-term sustainability of natural communities and maintainability of built trail facilities.

Park Plans1 document

  • Rothfuss Park
    document seq 0.00