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Town Board Group 2023 - Copy
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The Town of Penfield is governed by a Town Board consisting of the Supervisor and four Council members. The Penfield Town Clerk manages meeting agendas and minutes for the Town Board. The Supervisor is the presiding officer. The Board adopts resolutions, ordinances, and local laws, and approves the annual budget and tax levy. The Council Members are elected to four-year staggered terms. The Board meets at 6:30 PM in a formal session on the first Wednesday of each month and a work session on the third Wednesday of each month. The public is encouraged to attend.

Town Board Members:

RULES OF PROCEDURE (For Penfield Town Board Meetings, Public Hearings and Public Information Meetings)

Town Board Core Beliefs

Maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all 
The Town Board’s top priority is maintaining a safe and healthy environment for Penfield residents, Town employees, and visitors to Penfield. When public health and safety issues arise, we will monitor the evolving information and directives from lead agencies—including law enforcement, the Center for Disease Control, the New York State Department of Health, the Monroe County Health Department, and public utilities—and act accordingly. We ask residents and employees to monitor factual updates and follow directives from lead agencies. During any event that threatens public health or safety, we will follow the facts, share the facts, make necessary legislative declarations, and use all available communication tools to notify the public as best we can.
Standing for rightful and fair justice for all 
The Penfield Town Board remains firm in its commitment against all forms of racism, discrimination, and abuse of power against our community members. As Town leaders, we continue our steadfast commitment to stand for rightful and fair justice for all. Senseless acts of violence towards any individual, group, or organization—by any individual, group, or organization—should never be tolerated. We continue to denounce any discrimination and violence against any members of our community.
We stand for our neighbors, family members, and friends in Penfield who should not fear for their lives based on the color of their skin, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, physical or mental health, or any other facets of their identity. Our community is enriched by all our residents. We value and support a culture of inclusion and diversity in Penfield—for that helps our understanding of each other and the world. We all must stand united against discrimination and bigotry on all fronts.
Continuing a tradition of fiscal responsibility
The Town Board is committed to upholding Penfield’s reputation of outstanding fiscal discipline and accountability to taxpayers. The financial world consistently recognizes Penfield as one of the most financially responsible towns in New York State. For decades, Town leadership has exercised the financial discipline of a rigorous annual budget process that includes a conservative five-year outlook that helps the Town prepare for future adjustments in New York State mandates, healthcare costs, and other mandatory expenses. This budgeting approach also evaluates major capital improvement projects so the implementation of such projects is included in future operating budgets.
The Town of Penfield has earned an Aa1 credit rating from Moody’s Investors Service—one of the highest in the county and state. This rating and reputation allows Penfield to secure low-interest financing for capital projects and assists with cash flow throughout the year. The Moody’s rating also reflects Penfield’s history of stable financial operations and strong management practices. Because of the Town’s fiscal responsibility, Penfield’s property tax rate remains one of the lowest of the 19 towns in Monroe County. 
Protecting the environment and taxpayers
In 2010, the Town Board established an Energy and Environment Advisory Committee to build upon decades of work by the Town to adopt practices that benefit both the environment and taxpayers alike. Town leadership has long understood that responsible stewardship of the environment results in fiscally sound decisions for taxpayers—the two go hand in hand. The EEAC focuses on reducing consumption of energy and resources, use of renewables, environmental stewardship, and following public policy and opportunities. 
The Town Board is committed to working closely with the EEAC to identify practices and opportunities to manage our impact on the environment in ways that deliver value to taxpayers.
Providing timely and factual communications
The quality of life in Penfield benefits from open communications and respectful dialog throughout the community. 
The Town Board is committed to sharing timely and accurate information with the residents and media outlets. Informed citizens who follow, consider, and act upon fact-based information contribute to meaningful community discourse and effective involvement with their local government. 
The Town Board encourages all Penfield constituents to rely on, Penfield TV, and the town’s official social media for direct, fact-based information. The board also urges citizens to attend and participate in Town meetings. At a time when social platforms make it easy to publish, consume, and share inaccurate, opinion-based content, it is critical for an informed public to responsibly choose its news sources.