Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee is an advisory committee consisting of town staff, town residents, and representatives from the Monroe County Department of Transportation and Sheriff's Department. A member of the Town Board chairs this committee. The Transportation Committee advises the Town Board and Planning Board on issues relating to new development, traffic calming, and pedestrian safety. This committee also makes suggestions and recommendations on state and county highway studies. Residents are invited to attend meetings or address traffic and safety concerns to the Town Board. 

Committee members serve a one-year term (January 1 - December 31).

Transportation Committee
Debbie Drawe, Chairperson & Town Board Liaison
Jason Ebbs
Laurie Enos
Tim Frelier 
Mary Sweeney
Dan McCusker, New York State Dept. of Transportation
Scott Alberti, Captain, Monroe County Sheriff Rep. 
Michel Thomas, Lieutenant, Monroe County Sheriff Rep.
Eric Tait, Director of Public Works
Mark Valentine, Engineer and Director of Planning
Sarah Waterman, Sustainability Engineer 
Aimee Owens, Junior Engineer