Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible for considering, reviewing, and acting on applications for preliminary and final subdivision and site plans.  Further, the Board has the authority to approve, approve with conditions, or deny applications for Environmental Protection Overlay District (EPOD) permits, conditional use permits, and special permits as authorized by Chapter 29 of the Town of Penfield Zoning Ordinance.

Deputy Town Supervisor Bob Ockenden is the Town Board Liaison.

The Planning Board is a five-member body that meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.
Board members serve a three-year term (January 1 through December 31)

Allyn "AJ" Hetzke Kelly Aken Jim Burton Bob Kanauer Terry Tydings
Allyn "AJ" Hetzke  Kelly Aken Jim Burton Robert Kanauer Terry Tydings
Term: 2024-26 Term: 2024-26 Term: 2022-24 Term: 2023-25 Term: 2024-26
Chairman   Vice-Chairman     

The first meeting of the month begins with a work session at 6:30 pm, which adjourns at 7:00 pm for a public hearing. Following the public hearing, the Board resumes the work session to discuss all tabled matters before them. The second meeting of the month is designated as a work session. The Board meets once per month in July, August, November, and December.

All meetings are open to the public and broadcast LIVE on Penfield Television. Information regarding applications before the Planning Board is available through Property Under Review.

If you would like to submit comments or questions to the Board post-meeting, please contact the town's Planning Department at (585) 340-8640 or by email.