Historic Preservation Board

The Historic Preservation Board (HPB) designates Penfield landmarks and oversees Historic Preservation Districts. The Historical Preservation Ordinance of the Town of Penfield was adopted by the Town Board on September 4, 1973. The Historic Preservation Board was formed to provide an implementation of the Ordinance. The Purpose of the Ordinance is to preserve the historical and architectural character of designated structures or districts within the town; to prevent the impairment of or injury to their historical, architectural, and cultural value to the community. 

Town Councilmember Kevin Berry is the Town Board Liaison

The Historic Preservation Board is a seven-member body that meets on the 1st Thursday of every month.
Board members serve five-year terms (January 1 through December 31)

Thomas J. Combs (CHAIR) Term: 2024-28
Charles Fox  Term: 2022-26
Stephen Golding Term: 2021-25
Megan Klem Term: 2024-28
Mira Mejibovsky Term: 2021-25
Michael Pignato Term: 2024-28
OPEN SEAT Term: 2024

The Historic Preservation Board convenes its meeting at 5:30 PM to discuss Certificates of Appropriateness and/or address matters on its agenda. 

All meetings are open to the public and broadcast LIVE on Penfield TelevisionIf you would like to submit comments or questions to the Board post-meeting, please contact the town's Building Department at (585) 340-8636 or by email.

Jeff S. Crane Award

The Historical Preservation Ordinance requires that the owner(s) of a designated landmark or property within a historic preservation district must have a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Historic Preservation Board before any exterior changes are made to the building. 

Permitted actions that do not require a Certificate of Appropriateness:

  • ordinary maintenance
  • repair of any exterior architectural feature of a landmark or property in a district that does not involve a change in design, material, or outward appearance

Actions that do require a Certificate of Appropriateness:

  • exterior alterations
  • restoration
  • reconstruction
  • demolition
  • new construction
  • moving structures
  • any material change in the exterior appearance such as windows, shutters, light fixtures, signs, sidewalks, fences, steps, paving, changes in grade, change in exterior colors, change in siding material

Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness or contact the Developmental Services Office at (585) 340-8642

Penfield has three Historic Preservation Districts that include:

  • First District - 1872, 1874, 1876, and 1880 Blossom Road
  • Second District- 1862-1895 Penfield Road
  • Third District - 1931-2212 Five Mile Line Road

Jeffrey S. Crane Award

The Historic Preservation Board established the annual award in 2007 in honor of Jeffrey S. Crane (1961-2006) to recognize individuals who have cared for Penfield’s past through the preservation of a structure of historic significance. Jeff Crane was the owner of Mark’s Pizzeria in Penfield and champion of preserving the historic character of the Four Corners district.

Jeff and his brother Mark were responsible for the significant restoration of Penfield’s original Methodist church at 2106 Five Mile Line Road. Together, the Crane brothers restored the bell tower, renovated the building's interior and exterior, installed parking, landscaped the grounds, and worked to secure easements from several property owners along Five Mile Line Road to provide for on-street parking on both sides of the road. The Cranes were also involved in several other restoration projects in the Four Corners before Jeff’s death in 2006. Mark and Jeff Crane were recognized as the first recipients of this award in 2007.

Year Recipient
2007 Jeffrey S. and Mark S. Crane
2008 Mark B. Feldman, D.D.S.
2009 Ben Kendig and Bob Lindsay
2010 Ray and Erika Hutch and Kristina Hutch Matthews
2011 Bill and DoDo Centner
2012 Roy and Barbara Wasson
2013 Ron and Joyce Baroody
2014 Tony and Sam DiPrima
2015 Ben Kendig and Bob Lindsay
2016 Steve and Stefanie Wilkinson
2017 Bridget Marsh
2020 Ron and Joyce Baroody