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The Town of Penfield is proud of its continuous progress in constructing and linking sidewalks throughout the town. On any given day, you can see residents using these safe and convenient paths.

The Town of Penfield has a Sidewalk Policy that dictates the process used by new development for sidewalk installation. The policy also specifies a Sidewalk Master Plan to identify primary roads in need of sidewalks. This policy is guided by the Town Board.

Sidewalk priorities are based upon proximity to schools, parks, community facilities, and locations along busy (high volume) roadways. Priorities are reviewed annually by Town staff and the Town Board. The primary focus at this time is to install sidewalks within the high-density residential areas which are typically located west of Fairport, Nine Mile Point Road (Route 250.)

Penfield currently has more than 375,000 linear feet—or about 71 miles—of concrete and asphalt sidewalks within its borders. Each year the Town reviews the need for additional sidewalks and develops a plan for the coming construction season. All new sidewalks are constructed of concrete with a minimum width of five feet. Wider sections are required next to the curb or roadway.

In winter,  when about two or more inches of snow cover sidewalks, four tractors with V-plows are sent out to clear routes along main roads where sidewalks are continuous. No salt is applied on sidewalks. Subdivision sidewalks are not plowed.

Full-scale map available; click the image below.

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