Cannabis Retail Dispensary

In order for a Cannabis Retail Dispensary (CRD) to operate legally in the Town of Penfield, a CRD must obtain its Cannabis Retail License from New York State AND a Conditional Use Permit from the Town of Penfield.

Penfield’s local zoning ordinance requires CRDs to locate in one of the specified zoning districts (General Business District or Limited Industrial District), and they must meet all requirements associated with obtaining (and maintaining) a Conditional Use Permit.

It is important to note that the issuance of, and continued good standing with, a NYS Cannabis Retail License is a pre-requisite for the Conditional Use Permit to be issued by, and remain in effect in, the Town of Penfield.

Prospective CRD applicants should carefully review the Town Code requirements and seek consultation with legal and/or other professional service providers as needed or required, to ensure their proposed business conforms with all regulations.

The Town’s required Conditional Use Permit application and review process is based on the proposed location of the CRD and the scope of work required at the location. Once an applicant has determined which board has jurisdiction of a proposed application, they should contact the corresponding Board liaison using the information provided below to obtain application materials and instructions.

Planning Board; Staff Liaison: (585) 340-8682 Zoning Board of Appeals  Staff Liaison: (585) 340-8635

New building will be constructed, OR an existing building will be substantially modified (e.g., exterior modifications and/or additions).

Existing commercial space will be used with no major exterior modifications.

It is the applicant's responsibility to demonstrate that their application meets the Town’s requirements. Town staff will review submitted materials to verify conformance.