Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and enforcement of the provisions of the Town Code, Town Laws, and regulations pertaining to fire prevention and fire protection.

Fire Marshal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and manage fire and public safety issues in existing and proposed public and private buildings throughout the town 
  • Review plans for new construction and installation of fire protection equipment to assure fire and public safety regulations are met
  • Inspect all commercial/public buildings and premises in accordance with the provisions of the Town Code
  • Investigate complaints received by the Office of the Fire Marshal; establish and maintain comprehensive records of all business transacted such as complaints, inspections, investigations, notices served, and issued permits 
  • Confer with and provide direction to property owners, contractors, engineers, architects, and others regarding fire protection requirements
  • Assist with investigations of all fires involving injury or substantial loss of property
  • Serve as the Emergency Disaster Coordinator, Employee Safety & Training Coordinator, and member of the Safety Committee

Property Owner/Resident Responsibilities: Protect yourself!

  • Learn and comply with all fire safety regulations set forth in permits, inspections, and all aspects of the Town Code  
  • Contact the Building Department regarding building projects to secure necessary permits and inspections to ensure structures are safe and compliant 
  • Close the loop on permitted projects, ensuring that all required inspections have been performed—including the final inspection—and that a Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Compliance has been issued by the Town of Penfield. Failure to complete this process will complicate future projects and delay insurance claims and real estate transactions.
  • Learn and comply with safety rules for recreational fires and fuel-burning appliances
  • In the winter months, adopt a fire hydrant and keep it free from snow

Safety Information