Trails Committee

Agendas and Minutes

The Penfield Trails Committee is a subcommittee of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. The members look into building new trails while maintaining the many miles of trails within the town of Penfield. This includes trails located in the town parks, Monroe County Parks (Ellison Park, Lucien Morin Park, Abraham Lincoln Park), and connecting linkage trails around town that have easements on private land.

Maintenance of these trails requires annual, and sometimes semi-annual attention. Trimming brush, clearing fallen trees or limbs, restoring trail surface with wood chips, re-routing trail to avoid obstacles, or improving safety, are some of the maintenance tasks that are needed.

Building new trails in town is an ongoing effort. The timing is determined by land becoming available for trail routes, and an assessment by our committee of public needs.
Committee members serve a one-year term (January 1 - December 31).

Committee Members
Bob Ansaldi, Chairperson
Peggy Ansaldi
Nels Carman
Eleanor Hartquist
Don Hoyler
Liz Hoyler
Ed Lindskoog
Aileen Reis
Dawn Schafer
Denny Tripp
Richard Vaughn
Town Staff
Joel Freeman



Contact Penfield Recreation at (585) 340-8655 to volunteer or for information.

In early 1997, the Penfield Trails Committee was created as an advisory committee to the Parks and Recreation Board. This committee meets the first Wednesday of every month, except July and August, at Penfield Town Hall Auditorium, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, at 5:00 pm.

The mission of this committee is to "Create a hiking/biking trail committee to work with the Town of Penfield (Recreation Dept., Department of Public Works and Town Board) to promote, improve and develop present and future trails/routes that best meet the needs of the residents of the Town of Penfield."  

Boy Scout Eagle and Girl Scout Gold Merit Community Service Award Candidates

The Town of Penfield works with our Scout candidates to identify and complete projects throughout Penfield’s parks and trails system to achieve their final and most prestigious merit award.

Past projects have included the design, construction, and installation of footbridges along trails, the design, layout, and installation of new trails and refurbish of existing trail segments. These project efforts often include kiosks containing photos and descriptive information about the trails and their nearby places of interest as well as natural plantings in the area. Each project has been a welcome addition to our park system and has enhanced the experience of our many park patrons. 

If you would like to complete your Scout project in Penfield and leave a lasting enhancement in a local park, please complete a community service project application and return to We maintain an active project list and receive requests for new project ideas.

We welcome input from our community for other project ideas, and everyone can submit applications and ideas to this same e-mail address.