Supervisor's Note: 2024 preliminary budget keeps tax rate flat, includes new services
We are in the home stretch of the budget development process with the preliminary budget now established.

The preliminary budget, which was presented during the Wednesday, October 4 Town Board meeting, totals $22,981,961 and keeps the tax rate flat at $2.10.

For our board, keeping the tax rate flat is incredibly important. I understand you and your family continue to face rising costs. As a Town, we want to do our best to ensure we don’t add to that burden, and I believe the preliminary budget does this. We have worked diligently to enhance services while doing it in a way that is respectful of taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

In total, the Town portion of your tax bill represents only about 7% of your total tax bill. This works out to just below $50 a month for the average home in Penfield.

What’s in the budget?

This budget meets the needs of our community in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner. Not only does it keep the tax rate flat as I referenced, but it’s also $424,308 below the tax cap.

When you look at the budget, three areas make up a majority of the total budget. This includes:
  • Department of Public Works: $11,012,872
  • Penfield Public Library: $ 2,089,315
  • Recreation Department: $ 1,135,354
Each department provides the widest range of services to our community and thus represents the largest portion of the budget. With this budget plan, all three areas will continue to receive proper funding to meet the needs of our community.

In the preliminary budget, new programs and services have been added for 2024. Below are some of the highlight areas:
  • Contracted services of arborist, additional funding for tree planning program
  • Continuation of Saturday brush drop-off services
  • Dedicated IT professional on Town staff
  • Enhanced security at Town properties
We continue to evaluate how to expand our drop-off services to include leaves and compost. I mentioned previously that we are exploring the acquisition of land to add services, and we are continuing this work. I hope to have additional updates in the coming weeks.


Over the next few weeks, I encourage you to continue to provide feedback on the preliminary budget. Through Friday, October 27, we will be accepting comments as we prepare to finalize the budget. Your input will continue to help us as we move to finalize the budget next month.

On Wednesday, November 1, the Town Board will review the final budget and vote on adoption of the budget.

To learn more about the budget and what’s in it, you can visit our website.

Debbie Drawe, Supervisor