Staff Spotlight: Jim Kreckman and Pete Heinsbergen
Dependability. It’s one of the most important characteristics of any employee. Town of Penfield staff members Jim Kreckman and Pete Heinsbergen exemplify that quality as they celebrate 35 years of service to the Town of Penfield this year.

While much has changed throughout their careers, the important role they play in the success of the Town of Penfield has remained the same. Each day, they bring a positive attitude and a willingness to help.

Jim (pictured left) began his career as a cleaner in August 1988 and moved through the ranks as a maintenance mechanic and electrician before assuming his current role of facilities foreman which he’s held since 2013. Pete started as a laborer in May of 1988 before shifting to his current position as a skilled laborer in the Sewer Department in early 1994.

“What an achievement,” said Town Supervisor Debbie Drawe. “To have two of our staff members celebrating 35 years of service is quite special. I want to thank each of them for all they have done for our residents throughout their careers.”

Thanks for all you do, Jim and Pete!