Staff Spotlight: PCTV leads clean-up efforts following flooding event at Town Hall
Tough times can bring out the best in people, and that’s exactly what happened at Penfield Town Hall earlier this month.

On Monday, June 12, heavy rain led to flooding in the lower level of Penfield Town Hall which houses the Penfield Community Television offices. PCTV team member Brian Delameter was staying late to receive a delivery when he noticed water beginning to pool outside the lower-level door. The pooling grew and began spilling into the office with about 2 inches of water entering the space. Brian quickly began working to remedy the problem and prevent further flooding.

Several staff members immediately responded to assist including PCTV Director David Renner and members of PCTV, Director of Public Works Eric Tait, Sabrina Renner (recreation), Steve Campione (security), Patrick Hall (animal control), the facilities team led by Jim Kreckman, and members of the sewer department.

Thanks to the quick actions of this group, a major flooding event was prevented. Repairs are ongoing with the PCTV offices temporarily relocated to another area of the Town Hall.

“We are so fortunate that the team acted as quickly as they did,” said Town Supervisor Debbie Drawe. “While the flooding did cause some damage, thousands of dollars of television and audio equipment were saved thanks to the swift actions of PCTV and other departments.”

The work of the PCTV team over the past few weeks is to be commended. Members of the team including Aimee Cruickshank Tyler DeMay, Dave Townsend, and Wesley Criblear along with David and Brian have worked tirelessly to ensure department operations continue while the clean-up process is ongoing. At no time were services interrupted due to the flooding.

“PCTV and several other staff members team have spent countless hours making sure we are able to continue to provide the audio and video services which are community expects,” added Drawe. “I am proud to work with this group, and the Penfield community is lucky to have such a dedicated team.”

Great work by all, and a special thank you to the members of PCTV for your outstanding work!