Town of Penfield two-week ban expires, no longer in effect
June 23, 2023 Update: With recent rainfall, the burn ban has not been renewed and is no longer in effect at the direction of the Town of Penfield Fire Marshal.

At the direction of the Penfield Fire Marshal, a two-week ban on all outdoor burning was announced by Town Supervisor Debbie Drawe during the Wednesday, June 7 Town Board meeting. The ban goes into effect on Thursday, June 8, and lasts through Thursday, June 22.

During this time, burning of any kind outside including recreational fires is not permitted. Outdoor grills are excluded from the ban.

Town Supervisor Debbie Drawe
“Based on the abnormally dry conditions our area continues to experience, the Penfield Fire Marshal felt it was best practice to put in place this ban for the safety of the public. We recognize this may cause a minor inconvenience for planned summer activities; however, the safety of residents is the top priority. We appreciate the cooperation of our community in this matter, and we plan to reevaluate the ban in two weeks.”

Should you have questions, please contact the Penfield Fire Marshal at (585) 340-8643.