March 2023 Staff Spotlight: Employee Wellness Committee
The March Staff Spotlight highlights a group of dedicated staff members who have volunteered their time to serve on the Town of Penfield Employee Wellness Committee.

Numerous departments are represented on the committee with current 2023 committee members including Haley Knapp (recreation), Shannon Barg (building), Lisa Grosser (Office of the Supervisor), Barbara Chirdo (finance), and Chris Tanea (communications).

In cooperation with the Town of Penfield Human Resources Department, the committee plays an important role in fostering a positive work environment, and providing wellness resources and programs.

The committee organizes several events and initiatives throughout the year ranging from monthly well-being challenges, staff lunches to biometric screenings for employees. Annually, the biggest task the group takes on is the planning of the Employees Wellness Fair which features over 50 health and wellness-related vendors.

Over the past several years, the work of the committee and HR department has garnered numerous awards and grants. Most recently, the Town received recognition from the American Heart Association for its employee well-being programs.

The Town of Penfield wants to extend a huge thank you to the group for all it has done and will continue to do. Special thanks to Laura Sliker who served as committee lead for the past five years.