Document Shredding Event Results Are In!

An Update from Supervisor LaFountain
If you disposed of personal documents at the October 2 secure document destruction event, you can take pride in knowing you helped divert nearly 4,500 pounds of paper from the landfill while protecting your own personal information!

Our environmental report from Eco Green Park shows 4,500 pounds of material was shredded and will be repurposed. This amount is equal to 2.25 tons of newly processed paper and translates to impressive measurable benefits with a total value of $11, 533.88:

  • 38 trees saved, $9,500.00 value
  • 15,750 gallons of water saved, $70.88 value
  • 9,225 Kw of energy saved, $738.00 value
  • 135 pounds of pollutants kept out of the atmosphere, $675.00 value
  • 11 cubic yards of landfill saved, $550.00 value

If you missed this event, watch the calendar for a future opportunity in 2022. You can also go to eco-Park year round for off-site shredding or visit Eco Green Park’s website to learn more about their services and upcoming public events.