Town’s retiring Comptroller Barbara Chirdo honored by Supervisor Leenhouts with April Staff Spotlight
Penfield Town Supervisor Jeff Leenhouts is thrilled to recognize longtime Town of Penfield Comptroller Barbara Chirdo with the April Staff Spotlight. She is retiring from the Town of Penfield this month following over 30 years of service in municipal finance.

Barbara began working with the Town of Penfield in July 2015, and since that time she has become a key factor in the operational success of the Town.

During Barbara’s tenure, the Town saw its credit rating improve to one of the highest ratings among municipalities in Monroe County. The rating not only signifies the Town’s commitment to fiscal responsibility but also results in direct savings to taxpayers through lower borrowing rates.

“In addition to being a good steward of taxpayer funds, I am here to bring levity, make my friends smile, and laugh a little,” stated Barbara as she reflected on her career. “We all spend a lot of hours at work, and I hope that’s one of the memorable things I did here.”

Throughout her career, she has certainly done just that and is much beloved by her colleagues. Barbara got her start in municipal finance as an intern while in graduate school. Before coming to Penfield, she served with other municipalities in Monroe County.

“Barbara has been an incredible member of the Penfield team for almost 9 years,” said Town Supervisor Jeff Leenhouts. “I wish her a very happy and healthy retirement; she certainly deserves it.”

Thank you, Barbara, you will be missed!