Prepare for spring with project reminders from the Building, Fire Marshal and Code Enforcement Departments
The weather is warming up, and I know many of you are eager to get projects started that you’ve put off all winter. Whether it be your standard spring cleaning or getting that new construction project underway, it’s important to keep in mind building and code enforcement regulations.

To help with this, I want to share important reminders with our community about common questions and concerns we receive during the spring months. This is not an exhaustive list, and I always encourage you to give us a call at (585) 340-8638 or consult our website for any questions you might have.

Improvement projects

Before beginning an improvement project, property owners are responsible for obtaining building permits to:
  • Construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure
  • Install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert, or replace any electrical or plumbing systems
  • Construct a deck or patio
  • Add a solid fuel-burning heating appliance, chimney, or flue in a dwelling unit
  • No permit is required for installing a fence, but guidelines must be met including setbacks and fence height
No matter what project you’re tackling, obtaining the proper permits helps make sure it’s done correctly and in accordance with all applicable safety standards.

Outdoor burning

For many, the warmer weather also means a time to have a campfire and enjoy quality time with family and friends. When doing this, please do it safely and in line with our burning regulations. Below are several points to keep in mind:
  • NO burning of any kind can take place between March 16 and May 16
    • Statewide burn ban in place during this time
  • Fire must be 25 feet from structures and combustible materials, and have a diameter no larger than three feet and two feet in flame height
  • Burn only seasoned firewood
  • No burning of rubbish, garbage, or building materials allowed
  • Always extinguish a fire before abandoning, and never leave a fire unattended
Fire safety is nothing to take lightly. Failure to burn safely can cause loss of life and property. Always have a plan in place and remember the important guidelines outlined above.

Property maintenance

Taking pride in your property is important, and we want to make sure our neighborhoods continue to be well-maintained. To help with this, guidelines are in place such as:
  • Garbage must be stored in approved containers (totes, dumpsters, trash cans)
  • Grass and weeds on property must be less than 10” high
  • Only one unregistered or uninspected vehicle per property
  • Compost piles must be 10 feet from the property line and not restrict drainage or utility access
If each person does their part with property maintenance, we can continue to keep Penfield beautiful.

We’re here to help so please reach out with any questions. I want to wish everyone a happy spring and good luck with any projects you might be tackling over the next couple of months.

Allen Reitz, Fire Marshal/Building/Code Enforcement