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What Happens During a Solar Eclipse?
Eclipse Project - Build Your Own Environmental Monitoring System
Jim Rienhardt, NASA Solar System Ambassador
Wednesday, February 21-March 6
Penfield Community Center
All ages (under 16 accompanied by an adult)
A total solar eclipse is awesome to observe and being in the path of totality is something most of us may never experience again. Did you know that there are many other things to observe during a total eclipse than just the sky? Many fascinating changes in the natural world all around us! In this program you will build and program your own environmental monitoring system to record the changes around you as you watch the eclipse. You will learn about basic coding and data monitoring and be able to be a part of a citizen science project. Take your monitor home and use it on Eclipse Day (April 8, 2024). You can then share your results as part of a greater data collection. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! And it doesn't end there - your monitor can be used daily to collect and record your own environmental data at your house...or wherever you choose!
*A laptop is required for this project.


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