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New Digital Resource for Investment
MoneyNew Digital Resource for Investments
We're excited to share with our patrons the latest addition to our collection of digital resources and databases: Value Line! Anyone can access Value Line from anywhere inside or outside the library via our Databases page.

Value Line has been in business since 1931 providing financial research and analysis of 3,400 large, mid, and small cap stocks using its proprietary ranking systems. Sorting by “Timeliness” lets you know which companies might be worth buying now. Also, you can download individual analyst reports of the companies you might be interested in following.

The interactive compare and contrast tools help you gain an understanding of potential profit and risks to help you make wise investments for your future. The platform also includes commentary on the market, company comparisons, market trend updates, and much more!

"Whether you’re a beginning investor or a veteran looking for high-impact ideas, Value Line can position you for financial success quickly and easily. The uncontested authority in reliable, unbiased information, Value Line puts you in the driver’s seat with accurate and insightful investment research on companies, industries, markets, and economies. From the latest data, sophisticated tools, and proven ranks to expert analysis and guidance, Value Line gives you the power to evaluate investments with confidence. Make smarter, more profitable decisions with Value Line." -Value Line

The robust ValueLine YouTube channel is equipped with instructional and informational videos to familiarize users with the platform and provide insights.

Start exploring Value Line! More of our digital resources available to patrons can be found on our Database page under Services & Resources, Research & Resources.