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The question often arises about how to get a (paid) job with the Town of Penfield. There are several ways new employees are hired.

To start, according to state law, all town jobs are considered Civil Service. This includes elected and appointed officials. They differ, however, in how Civil Service and other applicable laws, classify the various positions.

Of course, persons in elected positions are chosen by popular vote in the town. Penfield has eight local elected officials: the town supervisor (who also counts as one member of the town board); four town board members; two town justices, and the town clerk.

Outside of elected officials, there are two overall state civil service classifications: competitive and non-competitive. Competitive means that anyone seeking a position must take an examination for the job and obtain a passing grade. Those names appear on a list, in order of the highest scoring, and the town must hire from the list according to certain criteria. Generally, the person hired must appear in the top three of the names on the list. The advantage of a competitive position to the employee is that there are certain protections under Civil Service Law after they have completed their probationary period.

The town may hire from a list of persons county-wide, or we may request a Penfield resident' list and hire from that, disregarding candidates from outside our town.

Some department head positions at the town are competitive and some are not. A person hired for a non-competitive position is usually appointed by the town board or the town supervisor as provided by state law. Competitive department head positions include the: superintendent of sewers; recreation director; and the cable TV coordinator. Non-competitive appointed positions include the: director of finance; receiver of taxes; director of public works; director of building and planning services; budget/personnel officer; parks and facilities director, and assessor. By law, the assessor serves a six-year term and must complete minimum training requirements annually to remain certified. Finally, the appointed library board appoints the library director.

Some other positions are also non-competitive and filled by appointment. These include: supervisor's secretary; town attorney and town engineer. The deputy clerk is appointed by the town clerk, and the deputy receiver of taxes is appointed by the receiver of taxes.

The town has a personnel director and all hiring is coordinated through that office with final review by the Penfield Town Board.

The entry level position for highway/sewer/parks is labor. This is a non-competitive Civil Service title, and anyone interested in this type of job may submit an application or resume to our personnel director.

Civil Service exams are given at different time by the Monroe County Civil Service Department. We get the list of upcoming exams well in advance of the deadline. The test is given within a month after the deadline. Unfortunately, it is usually several months after an exam is given before the results of an exam are available.

The more common tests, such as the Clerk III with typing, are given at somewhat regular intervals. Tests for more specific positions, however, such as Building Inspector, may only be given once a year or even less frequently depending on the need throughout the county.

The Penfield Public Library has some reference materials on the different Civil Service exams. These can help anyone thinking about taking a Civil Service test.

Most of the information above pertains to full-time, regular, year-round positions. The town also has numerous part-time jobs, as well as seasonal positions, depending on the time of year and department. Hiring for those employees is also coordinated by our personnel director. We accept resumes and have blank applications available at Town Hall and on the town website (below). Once received, these are usually routed to departments that match the skills and interests of the applicant. Under all circumstance, however, we are required to work within the Civil Service System.

For more information on Town of Penfield hiring practices, upcoming Civil Service exams, and general information on how the system works, call our personnel director at 340-8671 or email .

Civil Service job applications are available at and at the Penfield Town Hall, Human Resource Department,3100 Atlantic Avenue.

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