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Town Plans and Studies

The following is a list of plans and studies associated with the department subject area. 

Plans and Studies - Planning
Browncroft Blossom Creek Neighborhood Plan
The proposed BBC Neighborhood Center Plan addresses these objectives in a manner that will help to create a mixed use activity center for residents of the surrounding neighborhoods as well as capitalizing on the more than 18,000 motorists that travel through the area each day.
Comprehensive Plan 2010
The purpose of this Comprehensive Plan is to provide an overall framework for future public and private investment in our community. This Plan updates the recommendations of the 2000 Plan to reflect current conditions and Penfield's vision for its future.
Comprehensive Plan Update 2000
Incentive Zoning Law Local Law 2003
North Penfield Crossroads (Bay-Empire-Creek0 Area Plan
Open Space Update
It is the purpose of this Open Space Inventory to update the current Town of Penfield Open Space Index. This report contains a series of updated maps that are intended to be used for land use planning and policy decisions by various boards, committees and staff of the Town of Penfield. The information herein has been compiled from a variety of sources and by a number of groups and individuals.
Panorama Area Plan
This Plan explores both social and physical land issues associated with the existing conditions and potential future development of the study area.
Planning Board Design Guidelines
The following design guidelines are hereby established by the Penfield Planning Board for the purpose of encouraging quality design and enhancing the aesthetic character of non-residential and multiple housing (MR) projects where applicable within the Town.
Route 250 Corridor Land Use Analysis
Shadow Pines Concept Plan Map: 2020-08-19
Shadow Pines Conceptual Master Plan Final Report: 2020-08-19
Tree Preservation Guidelines
The Tree Preservation Guidelines of the Town of Penfield provide early guidance to developers and to the appropriate decision-making boards or officials of the Town. These guidelines encourage tree preservation techniques for proposed developments where important trees exist but may not be protected by existing regulations, such as the Woodland EPOD

Plans and Studies - Engineering
Allens Creek Preliminary Geomorphic Assessment 2011
Highway Monitoring System
The purpose of this report is to serve as an update to the 1989 "Town-wide Strategic Traffic Study" that identified existing traffic conditions in the town, and provided from a planning perspective, insight into the future transportation needs. This update provides information on today's transportation system performance and trends in the Town of Penfield.
Long Range Transporation Plan 2007-2027
The purpose of the LRTP Update is to provide a 20-year perspective of existing and projected transportation system capabilities, needs, and associated objectives, as well as recommended policies and actions to meet these objectives.
Route 250 / 441 Land Use and Access Management Plan
Route 250 Corridor Transportation Study 2009
Route 286 Corridor Study
New York State Route 286 corridor, for the purposes of this study, extends from New York State Route 590 in Brighton to NYS Route 350 in Walworth and is approximately 10 miles in length.

June, 2000
Route 404 Corridor Study 1999
Townwide Strategic Traffic Study 1997
Plans and Studies - Developmental Services
Economic Development Study 2008
The purpose of the plan was to study the characteristics of Penfield’s six business districts and develop a plan and vision for their future. The six business districts are LaSalle’s Landing, North Penfield, Browncroft Corners, Panorama, Four Corners and Lloyd’s Corners.
Four Corners Plan
Irondequoit Bay Biological Study
This study provides scientific data to support recommendations for land and water use in the Irondequoit Bay Harbor Management Plan, and it provides a benchmark for future studies as development and natural resource management occur in the study area.
Irondequoit Bay Expansion of Southpoint Marina
1384 and 1420 Empire Blvd. SBL#s 108.06-1-1 & 108.06-2-008.1
Proposed expansion includes the construction of a 2,700 square foot two story structure to support a clubhouse for the marina, a seasonal tiki bar and an ice cream parlor, a swimming pool and the installation of 176 boat slips.
Irondequoit Bay Harbor Management Plan
Irondequoit Bay: once Native American hunting and fishing grounds; a harbor of refuge and trading station for the French, the English, and the new American nation; playground of the 1890’s, has undergone a dramatic ecological and residential rejuvenation over the last 30 years due to an unprecedented investment of public planning and funds, citizen action and stewardship. One of the largest coastal bays of Lake Ontario, Irondequoit Bay offers 1,680 acres of water surface available to public use adjacent to the third largest metropolitan center in New York State.
LaSalle Landing Development Plan 1997
An Inter-municipal Plan of Action for guiding development of those lands located along the south shoreline of Irondequoit Bay and fronting along a portion of Empire Boulevard in the Towns of Irondequoit and Penfield.
Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) Update
This amendment to the 1991 LWRP document is aimed at continuing the revitalization efforts already underway and expanding upon some of the programs and controls that were initially established to more effectively improve and protect waterfront resources and facilities.
Plans and Studies - Recreation
2019 Masterplan Update
Bicycle Facilities Master Plan 2008
This report summarizes the objectives, procedures and products derived from the analysis and planning studies for the Bicycle Facilities Master Plan for the Town of Penfield.
Irondequoit Creek Valley Multi-Use Trail Study 2008-06-16
The Genesee Transportation Council (GTC) contracted with Environmental Design and Research (EDR) to conduct a site analysis, assess feasibility, and produce concept-level planning and design for an Irondequoit Creek Valley Multi-Use Trail. When complete, the trail would follow the path of Irondequoit Creek for approximately 5.4 miles from the wetlands at the southern end of Irondequoit Bay to the Penfield town line at Spring Lake Park. The Irondequoit Creek Valley Multi-Use Trail is envisioned as a recreational pathway and alternative transportation route for bicyclists and pedestrians traveling in the Irondequoit Creek Valley.
Recreation Master Plan - 2012
The Town of Penfield Recreation Department created a Recreation Master Plan update Committee in April of 2012. This volunteer committee was comprised of Town staff, Town Board members, and residents who possessed a familiarity of the programs and services the recreation department presently provides. The committee kicked off the update process in May of 2012 with a goal of completing the plan within one year. The focus of the committee was to update the existing Recreation plan without the aide of a paid professional consultant. This process saved the Town a significant expense and the mission to create a workable plan was still obtained. The committee members met monthly and worked diligently to complete the update in a timely and efficient manner.
Recreation Master Plan 2007
This master plan is intended to continue thirty years of consistent planning and sound implementation to expand Penfield’s fifty year premier system of parks and recreational services to meet the town’s present and future needs and capabilities.
Rothfuss Park
Rothfuss_Park.pdf 3732.33 kb
Sherwood Park Plan 2008

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