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2017 Windstorm Brush Pickup Update
Due to the severity of a windstorm that came through our region on Wednesday, March 8, the Town of Penfield will provide residents with a town-wide, roadside pick-up for fallen limbs, branches, and brush. 
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2017 March Windstorm Brush Pick-Up


TreeDown.jpgDue to the severity of the windstorm on Wednesday, March 8, the Town of Penfield will provide residents with a one-time, town-wide roadside pick-up for fallen trees, limbs, branches, and brush. 

ONLY brush, tree trunks (but not stumps), limbs, and branches will be picked-up. Brush piles will be ground for mulch. If any other materials are in brush pile (general debris, leaves, yard waste, building materials, fence parts, metals, plastics, or non-natural wood) DPW will NOT collect.  

Note: There will be no Penfield DPW collection on private roads. Residents of private drives should move brush to the nearest intersection with a town road and place brush in the right of way (not in road) or deliver to DPW facility.

**At the discretion of DPW additional trips may be required


DPW crews will begin a one-time, town-wide pick-up starting the week of March 27. The process is expected to take 2 to 3 weeks. 

NOTE: With winter snow-plowing season still in full effect, any posted schedule may be interrupted or altered to prioritize snow removal on town roads or for any other emergency requiring the immediate attention of town crews. 

Crews will follow snow plow routes making one pass per neighborhood. Penfield DPW will collect brush piles from town and county roads, and work alongside NYSDOT on state roads such as Atlantic Ave, Empire Boulevard, Route 250, and Route 441.


To prepare brush piles for pick-up please cut material to 6-foot lengths and stack parallel to the road. 

Stacks may be loose and do not have to be bundled. If you choose to bundle please use only string – NO WIRE.

DO NOT place brush in containers or plastic bags. Contained or bagged brush will NOT be picked up.  

Consider consolidating small piles with neighbors for efficiency. 

Public safety remains our priority as we clean up from the wind event. Please make sure that any brush piles brought to the front of your property for pick-up are far enough away from the road to provide safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles, and to give plows necessary room to clear snow (roadways vary, use best judgment). Do not block fire hydrants.


DPW_Brush_Pile.jpgFor those who wish to drop off their brush to the DPW facility at 1607 Jackson Road, the Penfield Town Board has extended the hours of brush drop-off from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, seven days a week, for the near-term. 

DPW will return to normal brush drop-off hours, Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM starting Monday, March 27.

Please direct questions to Penfield DPW, (585) 340-8710.

Routes and Schedules

Town of Penfield
West Crew   South Crew
Pickup Order Route Estimated Date Completed Route Estimated Date Completed
1 6 3/27 100% 13 3/27 100%
2 17 3/27 - 3/28 30% 12 3/27 - 3/28 30%
3 9 3/28 - 3/30 0% 15 3/28 - 3/30 0%
4 10 3/29 - 3/31 0% 18 3/29 - 3/31 0%
5 11 TBD 0% 16 TBD 0%
6 8 TBD 0% 1 TBD 0%
7 7 TBD 0% 14 TBD 0%
8 5 TBD 0% 2 TBD 0%
9 4 TBD 0% 3 TBD 0%

Updated: 3/27 @ 3:20 PM

**At the discretion of DPW additional trips may be required;
estimated pickup dates will be adjusted accordingly

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