Staff Spotlight: Lori Gray and Doug Sangster

With a host of project applications and requests for information constantly rolling in, the Town of Penfield Planning Department is always busy. Two key figures in the department, Lori Gray and Doug Sangster, are featured in this month’s staff spotlight.

If you’ve stopped by the planning office, you were likely greeted by Lori, or if you’ve had a question about land use policies, Doug has been there to answer the phone.

The Town of Penfield Planning Department is responsible for providing support to various boards and committees, receiving project applications, and facilitating projects through the necessary review process.

Kerry Ivers, Director of Developmental Services, outlined the crucial role both Lori and Doug play in the success of the Town.

“Lori and Doug help ensure a smooth process when Town Board actions involve Planning Board referrals and responses in addition to many other important items,” said Director of Developmental Services Kerry Ivers. “The coordination between our respective departments is a great example of teamwork.”

Lori has been in her role of Planning Department Clerk since 2019, while Doug has been with the Town since 2014 previously serving as the Town’s Junior Planner before moving into his current role as Town Planner.

“Although I am not technically in her department, Lori always offers and provides administrative support,” added Ivers. “Doug is also quick to provide technical assistance whenever needed.”

Thanks for all you do Lori and Doug! Your commitment to the success of the Town of Penfield is appreciated!