Every independent producer that wishes to air programming on Penfield Television's Public Access Channel must have an updated Producer Agreement and Program Submission form on file with Penfield TV. Each agreement is valid through a calendar year. (Ex: Signed on August 23, valid through December 31). 

The Government Access Channel also follows operation policies for providing access to local town government services and activities.

These policies and other documents on this page have been reviewed by the Penfield Town Attorney and Town Council as of January 2, 2019.

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Public Access4 documents

  • Form - Program Submission
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    This form provides Penfield Television with media and producer information regarding submitted content. Includes information about potentially offensive material that may have a bearing on when the program can be scheduled.
  • Form - Producer Agreement Indemnification
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    The Producer/Program Submitter assumes all responsibility as originator, author, or distributor of any of the Producer's programming carried by Penfield Community Cable TV access channels.
  • Form - Bulletin Board Submitter Agreement
    document seq 0.00
    Submitter accepts full responsibility for the bulletin submitted for broadcasting on the Bulletin Board of Penfield Community TV. Agreement to indemnify and hold harmless Operator and its partners, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against liability, damages, and expenses (including legal fees) arising out of any and all claims incurred as a result of broadcasting this Bulletin.
  • Public Access Channel Policies
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    All community producers agree to use PUBLIC ACCESS CHANNEL equipment and facilities for non-commercial purposes that benefit the Penfield community in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this document.

Government Access1 document

  • Document - GOV Operations Policy
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    The mission of the Town of Penfield Government Access Television is to serve the Penfield community by providing access to local town government services and activities; to inform residents on local government issues, and public affairs; and to facilitate the exchange of public information through various forms of electronic communications.