New Visitor Kiosk System at the Town Hall

Beginning Monday, March 15 visitors to the town hall will be greeted by a new kiosk system upon entry to the building at 3100 Atlantic Avenue. The kiosk will prompt visitors to sign in, answer health department screening questions, and offer menus to connect them to the service or department they wish to see.

The department will receive a message that a visitor is waiting, then the department will remotely unlock the secure doors for visitor entry, much like when entering an apartment building. Signs will direct people to the first or second floor to conduct their business.

Through most of the pandemic period, access to the town hall and other facilities has been restricted or accessible by appointment only. This process has worked well and provided our residents with a high level of safety and customer service. When we know who to expect and when we are ready with helpful information and materials. Also over the past year, many residents have discovered they can conduct much of their business by phone or online. Our secure drop-box at the east entrance has also come in handy, making it convenient for residents to leave tax payments and letters 24/7.

The kiosk entry system will remain in place as a permanent lobby feature to enhance building security for all. We encourage advance appointments with departments to continue to protect the health and safety of visitors and staff. Walk-ins will be served but may need to wait for those with appointments to conduct their business. As a reminder, masks must be worn inside ALL town facilities at all times.

So what can you expect if you come to the town hall? First, we encourage you to make an advance appointment with the department you wish to see. Staff will be ready to serve you and prepare materials for your visit.  (Department emails and phone numbers)

When you arrive, park and enter at the east entrance of the town hall building (the Little League side). You will see a slim white pedestal kiosk in the lobby; please answer the prompts and wait for town staff to unlock the appropriate entry door. Signs will guide you through the building.

If you are doing business on the first floor—town clerk, human resources, supervisor’s office, comptroller—you will follow signs straight ahead and approach the door in front of you.

If you need to go to the second floor— assessor, building/zoning, engineering, planning—you will go up the stairs to your right, continue around the corner to your right, and the door will be remotely unlocked for you. There is also an elevator in the lobby for second floor access.

If you are going to the basement to visit Penfield Community Television, enter the door off the lobby to your right and continue down the stairs where an additional door outside of PCTV will be remotely unlocked for you. You also have the option to use the elevator.

When you are ready to leave, please exit the same way you entered.

The town looks forward to providing you with customer service at the town hall. All other facilities will continue to operate as they have throughout the pandemic. A security guard is positioned at the Penfield Community Center to greet visitors to the Penfield Library, Penfield Recreation, and the Local History Room. Public meetings will continue to be conducted by video until further notice per Governor’s Executive Order.

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