Ribbon Cutting Opens Inclusive Playground at Rothfuss Park

Last Saturday, October 3, Councilman Bob Ockenden and New York State Assemblyman Mark Johns lead a ribbon-cutting at Rothfuss Park for the town’s new inclusive playground. The town board had adopted a resolution at its June 17 legislative meeting to amend the 2020 budget to purchase and install this inclusive playground, replacing the older equipment at the park.

The Town of Penfield was awarded a State and Municipal Facilities Program grant in the amount of $50,000 through Assemblyman Johns towards the construction of the playground. Additionally, Penfield Rotary graciously donated $5,000 toward this project, while the 2020 Budget includes an appropriation of $60,000 for playground equipment projects. Further, the town board authorized the appropriation of $25,000 from the Town’s Recreation Trust Special Revenue Fund toward equipment and site preparation.

An inclusive playground is a universally designed rich environment that enables all children to develop physically, socially, and emotionally. It’s an engaging place that provides just the right level of challenge and offers opportunities to succeed. It’s a well-designed place that addresses all levels of ability and is a wonderful edition to Rothfuss Park, which continues to grow and expand for the residents of Penfield.