Supervisor Jeff Leenhouts announces workplace safety recognition for Town of Penfield

Town Supervisor Jeff Leenhouts is happy to announce the Town of Penfield has received the prestigious Comp Alliance G. Jeffrey Haber Leadership Award. The award, presented annually to municipalities in New York State, recognizes the Town’s commitment to fostering a healthy and safe work environment.

Over the past several years, the Town of Penfield and its leaders have enacted policies and programs to keep employees safe and reduce lost time associated with workplace accidents. This includes initiatives from the employee-led Safety Committee, and programs from the employee-led Wellness Committee, like monthly well-being challenges, lunch and learn events, biometric screenings, and an annual Employee Wellness Fair.

The Town’s ongoing commitment to health and safety has decreased workplace accidents and lost work time. In turn, the decrease has benefited not only employees but the Penfield community at large.

“As a leader, ensuring the safety of all Town of Penfield employees is paramount,” said Town Supervisor Jeff Leenhouts. “We have a robust employee wellness program in place, and this award recognizes the hard work of all who play a part in creating a healthy and safe workplace. I want to thank the staff members that have made this possible including members of our Safety and Wellness Committees.”