Fire District Commissioners
A fire district is a political subdivision of the State of New York and a district corporation. The fire commissioners and other officers and employees of the fire district are employees and officers of the fire district and not officers and employees of the town or of any other political subdivision. The fire district is also an independent corporate entity governed by a separate board of fire commissioners. This is not to be confused with a fire protection district which is simply a geographic area, with no independent corporate status for which the town board is responsible for providing fire protection.
A board of five fire commissioners governs every fire district in New York State. These commissioners are elected by the qualified voters of the fire district at the annual election held on the second Tuesday of December of each year. Each commissioner is elected for a five-year term commencing on the 1st of January following the election. One commissioner is elected each year so that there will always be experienced commissioners on the board.  Fire district commissioners receive no compensation.

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Fire District Commissioners serving the town of Penfield