Zoning Districts

Zoning Designations:

The Town of Penfield has multiple zoning designations, each with specific permitted uses. They are listed below. The zoning map is the best resource for viewing various districts.

Business Non-retail

The purpose of the Business Non-Retail District (BN-R) is to provide suitable areas for various non-retail, service-oriented uses that are easily accessible to the neighborhoods which they serve. Such districts are also intended, where possible, to act as a compatible transition area between residential, and commercial and industrial areas because of the generally low volumes of traffic associated with such uses, and their hours of operation and noise characteristics, which make them compatible as transition uses.

CR-2,  Conservation Residential (2 acres)

Conservation Residential District CR-2. The purpose of the Conservation Residential District is to limit development so as to preserve and protect the unique and sensitive features that characterize the areas of the Town adjacent to Irondequoit Bay. In order to achieve this purpose, residential uses will only be permitted at very low densities.

FC,  Four Corners District

The purpose of the Four Corners District (FC) is to recognize the unique nature of this historic area of the Town and to help preserve and enhance the long-established community or "Village Center" character of Penfield and to further the goals and recommendations of the Four Corners Plan. The FC District regulations include special design features and controls that provide incentives to achieve a compatible mixture of residential and business uses, to provide buffer screening and landscaping to separate uses of different intensities, to encourage the shared use of access and parking areas, to improve traffic flow and safety, and to make more compatible use of available land areas.

GB,  General Business

The purpose of the General Business District (GB) is to provide a broader range of general and comparison commercial goods and services necessary to serve a number of neighborhoods and do so in an orderly fashion that maintains the viability of residential areas and neighborhood commercial centers.

LLD,  LaSalle's Landing District

Pursuant to a joint land use plan adopted by the Towns of Irondequoit and Penfield, the LaSalle's Landing Development District (LLD) is designed to provide a suitable character and stable environment for the establishment and maintenance of water-oriented and/or water-enhanced uses and activities along the shoreline of Irondequoit Bay and its adjacent wetlands. The district is also designed to protect the unique and sensitive environmental features that exist along the Bay shoreline and to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare. The district is also designed to promote and encourage public access to the shore zone and appropriate water-oriented recreational and other appropriate development adjacent to the shore zone. The LLD permits moderate-density residential development, as well as certain commercial, recreational and open space uses that serve the residents of and visitors to this district, as well as the Town, and that generally benefits from and enhances the unique aesthetic and environmental qualities of the Town's waterfront areas.

LI, Limited Industrial

The purpose of the Limited Industrial District (LI) is to permit, where appropriate, the construction of research and development-oriented industries, high technology and light manufacturing facilities, offices, hotels and to locate adult uses and entertainment in such a manner as to preserve the character and quality of life, maintain property values within Town neighborhoods and retail trade in business areas, control documented harmful and adverse secondary effects of adult uses on surrounding areas, restrict minors' access to adult uses and to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the Town of Penfield. Areas for such zoning shall be identified by the Town Board or upon application. These areas shall be zoned as an LI District in accordance with the normal rezoning procedures. In reaching its decision, the Town Board shall consider the general criteria set forth in this chapter, the most current Comprehensive Plan for the Town, and this statement of purpose. Areas proposed to be zoned LI shall be served by sanitary sewers, adequate drainage control and/or storm sewers and public water.

LB,  Limited Business

The purpose of the Limited Business District (LB) is to provide convenience, small-scale retail service, and business uses in strategic locations to support the Town's residential population base. Limited Business Districts are intended to act as buffers between the larger and more intense general business center and residential areas.

MHP,  Mobile/Manufactured Home Park

It is the intent and purpose of this section to regulate the placement and maintenance of mobile/manufactured homes. It is also the intent and purpose of this section to regulate mobile/manufactured home parks to assure quality development and maintenance equal to that found in other types of residential areas throughout the Town of Penfield. Providing diversity in housing choice as well as greater opportunities for obtaining moderate-cost housing is also the desired objective. It is not the intent of this section to repeal or abrogate any part of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, New York State Sanitary Code § 17, New York State Real Property Law § 233 or any other applicable rule, regulation or ordinance. The provisions of this section shall be enforced in addition to and in conjunction with the above-referenced provisions.

MR,  Multiple Residence

The purpose of the Multiple Residence District (MR) is to permit, where appropriate, the construction and development of multifamily residences in the Town. Areas proposed to be rezoned to MR shall be serviced by sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and public water.

MUD,  Mixed-Use Development

For the purposes of the Zoning Ordinance, "mixed-use" means a combination of residential, commercial and civic uses, arranged vertically (in multiple stories of buildings) or horizontally (adjacent to one another), at a pedestrian scale that encourages less reliance on the automobile for the daily lives of residents.

PD,  Planned Development

It is the purpose of the Planned Development District (PD) to provide flexible land use and design regulations through the use of performance criteria so that small- to large-scale neighborhoods or portions thereof can be developed within the Town that incorporate a variety of residential types and nonresidential uses, and which may contain both individual building sites and common property which are planned and developed as a unit. Where PD is deemed appropriate through the rezoning of land to a PD District by the Town Board, the use and dimensional specifications set forth elsewhere in this chapter are herein replaced by an approval process in which an approved plan becomes the basis for continuing land use controls.

R-1-12, R-1-15, R-1-20

Residential Districts R-1-12, R-1-15 and R-1-20. The purpose of these Residential Districts is to maintain the residential character of the district. The districts are to provide for residential uses at suburban standards.

RA-2, Rural Agricultural District

Rural Agricultural District RA-2. The purpose of the Rural Agricultural District is to assure a proper economic and physical environment for continued agricultural use of land; to maintain an open rural character to viable agricultural areas; to assure compatible types and densities of development on lands within and adjacent to the Northeastern Monroe County Agricultural Use District; and to assure low densities of development in areas without sanitary sewers.

RR-1, Rural Agricultural (2 acres)

Rural Residential District RR-1. The purpose of the Rural Residential District is to provide a transition or buffer area between agricultural and suburban areas of Penfield.

TH Rural Residential

It is the purpose of the Townhouse Dwelling District (TH) to permit, where appropriate, the construction and development of townhouse units, which are single-family dwellings separated by a party wall. Areas proposed to be rezoned TH shall be served by sanitary sewers, storm sewers and public water.