The Town of Penfield Department of Public Works (DPW) operates and maintains approximately 160 miles of sanitary sewer mains and 22 pump stations, which serve approximately 9,000 homes and businesses within the Town's consolidated sanitary sewer district.

DPW sewer staff is responsible for transmission of sewer effluent to one of four Pure Waters Interceptor sewers, which serve eastern Monroe County. These large interceptor pipes transmit sewage effluent north to the Frank E. Van Lare Treatment Facility. This facility is located on Lakeshore Boulevard in Irondequoit. A small portion of the sewer flow from Penfield is treated by the Town of Webster Sewer Treatment Plant located on Phillips Road.

The Sewer Department oversees annual projects designed to bring sanitary sewers to neighborhoods that currently utilize septic systems. The Town Board prioritizes these projects based on:

  • Level of Support - petition(s), resident surveys, supporting testimony
  • Relative Need - Monroe County Health Department data on existing septic systems
  • Availability of sewers in the area

With this information, the Town Board and Sewer Department establish the Town's sewer project priorities.

The Penfield Town Board is designated as the governing body or Commissioners of the Consolidated Sanitary Sewer District.

Sewer Permits

A sewer permit is required when:

  • A septic system is being connected to a sewer main (a tie-in)
  • A sewer line is being repaired

Sewer permits are issued by the Building Department. Contractors listed on the permit must have the proper insurance: Workers Compensation Insurance (C105.2, U26.3 Form) and Disability Insurance (DB120.1, DB-155 Form). If the contractor is exempt and not required to carry Workers' Compensation or Disability Insurance coverage a signed/dated exemption Form CE-200 is required.