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Maps (PDF Format)13 documents

  • Official Map of the Town of Penfield
    document seq 99.00
  • Bicycle Rideability
    document seq 98.00
  • Emergency Response Districts
    document seq 95.00
    Penfield and West Webster Volunteer Emergency Ambulance
  • Firearm Discharge Map
    document seq 94.90
    Prohibited VS Allowed Areas of Town
  • Fire Districts Supporting the Town (3)
    document seq 94.50
    Penfield, West Webster, Northeast Joint
  • RTS Bus Routes
    document seq 82.00
  • Sanitary Sewer Service
    document seq 81.90
    Boundaries of available sanitary sewers in Town
  • School District Boundaries (4)
    document seq 81.80
    Penfield, Webster, Wayne and Pittsford Central
  • Sidewalks
    document seq 81.50
    Sidewalk Waiver Map
  • Trails
    document seq 80.90
  • Watersheds (11)
    document seq 77.90
    Areas of land that channels rainfall and snowmelt to different bodies of water
  • Zoning Districts (17)
    document seq 0.00
    Also includes Town Law 278 and 281 developments
  • Zoning Districts with Street Numbers
    document seq 0.00

Historic Maps (PDF Format)6 documents

  • Landmark Sites and Preservation Districts
    document seq 30000.00
    Local and National Historic Sites | First, Second and Third Preservation Districts
  • Town of Penfield - 1924
    document seq 1924.00
  • Town of Penfield - 1902
    document seq 1902.00
  • Town of Penfield - 1872
    document seq 1872.00
  • Town of Penfield - 1872 Four Corners
    document seq 1872.00
  • Town of Penfield - 1858
    document seq 1858.00