Your Tax Dollar in 2024
See Penfield's tax dollar allocation for 2024 with two charts. 'Your Property Tax Dollar' shows how property taxes are distributed among the town, county, and schools. 'Town Budget Dollar Distribution' offers insights into the town's financial management. These charts help you understand where your tax dollars are spent.

The 'Your Property Tax Dollar' pie chart shows how property taxes are divided in Penfield. Your tax dollars are split into three parts: one for the county, one for schools, and one for our town. It's essential to know that the town's share is used for everyday town operations and to make our community better. The remaining parts go to the county and schools for their own needs. If you have any questions about how the county and schools allocate their funds, please direct your questions to them, as the town solely manages its portion.

The 'Town Budget Dollar Distribution' pie chart reveals how the town of Penfield utilizes funds from property taxes, revenues, and fund balances to manage its operations throughout the year. Please note that this chart does not cover school district or county allocations. If you seek information on those allocations, please reach out to those agencies directly.