Property tax exemptions reduce or reimburse a portion of a property’s tax obligation. Partial property tax exemptions are available to property owners in the town of Penfield who meet certain eligibility requirements. Residential exemptions are available for the owners’ primary residence only. Various exemptions may reduce taxable amounts for school, county, and/or town jurisdictions. Fees on tax bills not related to the assessed property value are not impacted by exemptions (for example, sewer fees).

Below, you will find brief descriptions of the most common exemptions with links to applications and their full instructions. These applications are for first-time applicants. Renewal applications, when applicable, are different and will be mailed as a reminder directly to applicants each fall.

All applications are due by March 1

Complete the online form(s), print and sign, attach required documentation, and mail to:

Town of Penfield Assessor’s Office
3100 Atlantic Avenue – Room 203
Penfield, NY 14526  

** Please note that a faxed or emailed application may not be substituted for the original application. For a mailed submission receipt, provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 

Feel free to submit your application at the Assessor's Office on weekdays (excluding holidays) from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Staff members are available to help you with completing the forms and to make copies of your original documents, such as tax returns and driver's licenses. Any questions you may have will be addressed, and you will receive a receipt. If you prefer to drop off an application after hours, a drop-box mail slot is conveniently located on the east side of the Town Hall building, to the right of the entrance door.

STAR Exemption

STAR Exemption, Enhanced

Limited Income Senior Citizen Exemption

Alternative Veteran Exemption

Cold War Veteran Exemption

Persons with Disabilities and Limited Income Exemption

Agricultural Assessment Exemption

Volunteer Firefighters/Ambulance Workers Exemption