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Youth Soccer
Summer Youth Soccer League


June 4-July 24, 2024

Ages 6-10

218510-A     6 Coed
218520-A    7 Coed
218530-A    8/9/10 Girls
218530-B    8/9/10 Boys

The league is designed to provide youth with a positive opportunity to learn, enjoy, and participate in the sport of soccer.

GENERAL LEAGUE FORMAT: The learning environment of the age divisions of the Penfield Recreation soccer program is structured to progress children through game/activity experiences appropriate to their developing physical and mental abilities. In the 6 & 7 divisions the children play the Micro format. 8 and above divisions play regular formatted soccer.

ALL AGE DIVISIONS: Children will be assigned to a designated team. Teams will have a consistent  person(s) who will coach/facilitate the team for the duration of the season. All league/program activities take place on Penfield town parkland and/or school district properties. Practices (8/9/10) are scheduled on a day, time, and location of the individual coach's discretion.
*To qualify for an age group the child must be that age by the end of the program.

REQUESTS: Although we attempt to meet requests for team placement (i.e. play with friend, neighbor, particular coach), THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES! No requests accepted after teams are formed in late April.

COACHES: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! Teams are coached by enthusiastic persons who volunteer their time so that children may enjoy the sport. We need your support! If you would like to volunteer your time, please indicate on the registration form. These youth need your support and interest! Before the start of the program all coaches are invited to a coaches meeting to discuss their league format.

The Town of Penfield does not carry medical insurance for program participants. Player headgear remains optional for participation in our soccer league.


6 Division: Children meet one night per week from 6:30 - 7:30 pm. Parents will receive a letter in late May with specific details of when and where the program will operate. Children will take home a program soccer ball at the conclusion of the program.

7 Division: Children meet once per week. Meeting time on Wednesdays is either 6:30 or 7:30 pm; times alternate weekly. You will receive a schedule for the entire program on the first meeting night. Halfway into the season, teams will begin play against one another in fun, micro format “games.”

8-10 Divisions: Children will be contacted by their coach in late May; practices will begin at that time. Teams usually play one game per week between the hours of 6:00 and 8:30 pm. Games are generally played on the designated night although some alternate play days may be necessary. Practice locations, days, and times, may vary from week to week and are held at the discretion of the coach.

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