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Pam Gerace Senior Recreation Supervisor
Pop-Up Programs
AI art rendering of a mountain seen through a bubble Artificial Intelligence and the Repercussions on the Art World and Beyond
Jim VanMeter
Monday, March 25
Activity #166410-L
The influence of AI on our lives changes daily, nothing more so than the recent introduction of SORA, a text to video software program. This class will highlight not only how AI applies to the art world, but how it will make the separation of fact from fiction even harder.

close up of chess pieces on a board History of Chess
Al Biles
Tuesday, April 19
Activity #166411-R

civil war officer standing next to his horse Unsung Hero: The Horse in the Civil War
Rick Gough
Friday, April 19
Activity #166414-K
This presents the story of the millions of horses (and mules) that were used in all branches of both armies during the Civil War. It tells how the horses were procured and trained for field use, how they were fed and maintained, and the toll taken on then due to service in the field.

Henry Clay Henry Clay and His Struggle for the Union
Rick Gough
Friday, April 26
Activity #166414-J
This documentary explores the turbulent forty years leading up to the Civil War. It is the first documentary ever produced on Henry Clay of Kentucky, the most dominant public figure in the formulation of compromises in 1820, 1833, and 1850 that narrowly avoided disunion and civil war. The production examines the impact of slavery  on the expansion of the nation westward and how the conflict between North and South, free states and slave states, was, in the end, irrepressible.

DEAR program flyer: What is Consciousness?
What is Consciousness?

Facilitated by Kit Nelson
Thursdays, January 25, February 15, March 21
Penfield Community Center
Activity #166413-C
In the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment it was proven that the source of what appears to we humans as reality is not made of tiny, tiny particles like atoms. Instead, it is what scientists are calling waves of probability, but which are ultimately indescribable physical particles when detected (i.e. looked at) by our senses. What powers the act of turning the indescribably into particles just by observing it? Could that power be consciousness? Well, that's what we will try to find out.

DEAR program flyer: Knitting Circle New Knitting Circle Club - Free
Mondays, Jan 22, Feb 5, 26, Mar 11, 25, April 1, 15, 29
Penfield Community Center
Activity #162640-A

DEAR program flyer: Scientist's Forgotten History

Scientist's Forgotten History - New

January 31 - March 27
Penfield Community Center
Activity #166412-J
In this captivating series, guided by Joel Freeman, embark on a fascinating exploration of these forgotten men and women who have faded into the annals of history. Each week unveils a new topic, providing an opportunity to delve into the lives of these overlooked scientists and the inventions that, though often overlooked, have profoundly impacted the world. Join Joel Freeman on this journey of rediscovery and revelation as we unearth the hidden gems of scientific history.

DEAR program flyer: Sandwich Counter DEAR Sandwich Counter Gets a New Look
Open Mon & Tue
11:30AM-1:00PM (+ pop-up dates!)
Sandwiches $4-$5
Soup made daily $3

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