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The "REGISTER" link will lead you to the Zoom registration page. Fill out the registration and, if done successfully, Zoom will send you a confirmation email that you will use to join the class. You must register for each class you would like to attend, but only once for any of the recurring courses. Did you miss one of the Zoom orientation classes? No problem! E-mail Pam to set up a tutorial.

Coffee Chat
April 4-June 28

Epidemics in Western Society
Diane Robbins
April 5-June 28
Epidemics in Western Society Since 1600 - This is a Yale open lecture course and consists of an international analysis of the impact of epidemic diseases on western society and culture from the bubonic plague to HIV/AIDS and the recent experience of SARS and swine flu. Leading themes include: infectious disease and its impact on society; the development of public health measures; the role of medical ethics; the genre of plague literature; the social reactions of mass hysteria and violence; the rise of the germ theory of disease; the development of tropical medicine; a comparison of the social, cultural, and historical impact of major infectious diseases;  and the issue of emerging and re-emerging diseases.

In Honor: 80 Year commemoration of Pearl Harbor - America Goes to War
Rosemary Irwin
April 12-May 17

George Eastman Museum - Exhibition in Focus
Pam O'brien
April 19

The Art and Adventures of Letterboxing
Pam Gerace
May 3-10 (Zoom & PCC)
May 17 (Meet @ Dolomite Lodge)

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