Sustainability at Work

Overview: Town of Penfield Sustainability Timeline

  • Energy conservation and cost savings
  • Implementation of an energy management system to control energy consumption and costs at town facilities
  • Adopted integrated pest management practices
  • Reduced mowing to lower fuel consumption and leave more areas in natural condition
  • Statewide leadership in stormwater management policies and procedures
  • Became the first township in the county to purchase and directly own street lights; converted to higher efficiency lights, savings of many thousands of dollars. Positioned town to continuously upgrade to more efficient technology as desired.  
  • Public education workshops on various environmental topics
  • Stormwater management education, especially living near ponds
  • Designed and installed one of first rain gardens in the region to manage stormwater runoff at DPW facility. (Rededicated the rain garden in 2019 as Richard Vendel Memorial Rain Garden.)
  • Reduced town vehicle fleet
  • No idling policy for town vehicles
  • First electronics recycling event
  • Free mulch for residents
  • Leaf management education
  • Tree giveaway
  • NYSERDA stimulus projects (energy efficient lighting, windows)
  • Internal sustainability audit
  • Planning Board goes digital to reduce paper use and increase workflow efficiency
  • Harris Whalen Lodge renovation announced
  • Town of Penfield receives energy grant
  • Open Space acquisition Irondequoit Bay
  • Fall Drop-off 2009
  • Living Next to Stormwater Ponds
  • The Great Penfield Spring Cleanup
  • Drop-off services include recycling and donations 
  • VOA new partner for Spring Drop-off
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection 2010
  • Fall Drop-off 2010
  • Making Sense of Leaf Disposal Public Info Meeting
  • Harris Whalen Lodge update 
  • Home energy workshops for residents
  • Renew Penfield website launched
  • Recycling bins placed in town parks
  • Cold in-place paving practices to reduce overall material use and use recycled road surface
  • Energy & Environmental Advisory Committee formed
  • Public works adopted a four-day workweek trial to better manage resources
  • Computerized salt control to manage cost and impact of salt on the environment
  • EmPower Energy Efficiency workshop for residents
  • The Great Penfield Spring Cleanup 2011
  • Cleanup Day and Electronics Recycling
  • Living Next to Stormwater Ponds II
  • Household Hazardous Waste collection 2011
  • VOA joins Spring Drop-off
  • Spring Drop-off 2011
  • Sherwood Park opens (Open space preservation)
  • Drop-off, recycling, secure document destruction events
  • Ash Borer presentation for community
  • Manhole cover sealing to protect stormwater quality saves $16K annually
  • Bay Trail recycling education
  • PenRec stops use of Styrofoam
  • Renew Penfield Home Energy Workshop
  • Open Space Plan Update
  • Living Next to Stormwater Ponds III
  • The Great Penfield Spring Cleanup 2012
  • More digital business practices adopted by town offices, reduced paper use
  • Penfield installs first public EV charging station in Monroe County (at Penfield Community Center)
  • Electric Car Show 2012
  • Sewer pump station converted to solar power
  • Host “National Plug-in Day” 2012
  • Energy management system expanded resident recycling expand to include secure shredding for identity protection
  • The Great Penfield Spring Cleanup 2013
  • Electric Car Show 2013
  • Living Next to Stormwater Ponds IV
  • Spring Drop-off 2013
  • Host “National Plug-in Day” 2013
  • Second EV charging station installed at Penfield Town Hall
  • New fall recycling events, reduced landfill collection
  • Flood insurance reform presentation for residents 
  • GM donated bat houses made from upcycled plastic forms for use on town property to help protect bats as they naturally help manage insects
  • Solar PV installed at Harris Whalen Lodge roof (offset about 50% electricity use)
  • The Great Penfield Spring Cleanup 2014
  • Electric Car Show 2014
  • Spring Drop-off 2014
  • Public Info Meeting re-proposed solar array at DPW
  • PenRec and EEAC present free Environmental Discussion Series
  • Fall Recycling Day 2014
  • Host “Drive Electric Week”
  • The Great Penfield Spring Cleanup 2015
  • Electric Car Show 2015
  • Household Hazardous Waste collection 2015
  • Spring Drop-off 2015
  • New Fitness Trail installed in Rothfuss Park
  • Fall Recycling Day 2015
  • EEAC began investigating Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) and Clean Energy Communities (CEC)
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection 2016
  • Spring Drop-off 2016
  • Electric Car Show 2016
  • Fall Recycling Day 2016
  • EV charging station at Harris Whalen Park
  • Electric Car Show 2017
  • HHW collection 2017
  • Fall Recycling Day 2017 
  • Solar array at DPW planning phase
  • Began replacing streetlights with LED fixtures
  • Spring Drop-off 2018
  • Electric Car Show 2018
  • HHW collection 2018
  • Fall Recycling Day and Bike Collection 
  • Town Board adopted Local Law #2 authorizing the establishment of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)
  • Town Board issued RFP for a CCA Plan Administrator
  • Four more EV charging stations planned for Four Corners public parking (2020/2021)
  • Continued replacing streetlights with LED fixtures
  • HHW collection
  • Fall Drop-off and Recycling Day
  • (2020 Electric Car Show canceled due to coronavirus)