Supervisor's Note: Several projects in the works to improve our community

First, let me say that I am thrilled to be appointed Town Supervisor. It is my honor to continue to serve Penfield. This is particularly true right now as our Town Board continues to work on numerous projects that, if completed, will benefit our community.

Whether improving operating efficiency at our DPW, developing new recreational opportunities, or constructing a space to gather with family and friends at the Clark House, we can make Penfield an even better place to call home.

DPW facility

Over the years, our DPW has become woefully inadequate and undersized. What was originally constructed in 1957 when Penfield had roughly 13,000 residents (now just shy of 40,000) now fails to meet the needs of Penfield.

On May 3, we took the next step in the planning process for the construction of a new DPW when we approved a contract with MRB Group to complete a design proposal for a new facility. Current plans call for a facility to be built and located adjacent to the existing facility on Jackson Road. Additional details are available here.

In the coming months, our Town Board will continue working closely with MRB and the community, and updates will be shared along the way. You should also be on the lookout for opportunities to tour the facility in person and learn more about day-to-day operations in the latter half of this year.

Recreation opportunities at Shadow Pines

Since 2020, the Town Board has talked extensively about proposed improvements to the Shadow Pines property. Proposed improvements include the addition of 12 pickleball courts and a small recreation area on the northeast corner of the property.

Right now, our Town Board is actively reviewing this project, including feedback from residents. Of note, we are continuing our efforts to ensure the project moves forward in a way that is environmentally conscious while providing enhanced recreation activities for residents of Penfield young and old.

You can learn more by visiting our website. We will also be holding a public information meeting on the project, and when this is scheduled, we will share the date and time with the community.

Clark House

Finally, we continue our work on the transformation of the current Clark House property into a top-class event space. Following input from the public in February, and in consultation with the Penfield Historic Board, current plans call for the restoration of the original Clark House and a rebuild of the remainder of the building to create an event venue accommodating up to roughly 150 people.

The Town Board and Town staff are working with the architecture firm Bergmann to finalize the design and move ahead with the project. In Penfield, we need additional event space. Once completed, this new facility will add great value to our community while preserving our rich history at the same time.

Additionally, we have formed the Clark Road Barn Advisory Committee which held its first meeting earlier this month. The group is tasked with making a recommendation to the Town Board about the future of the barn and outlining resources to support the recommendation.

Working for everyone

Penfield is home to roughly 40,000 diverse residents, all of whom come from different backgrounds and bring different ideas to the table.

As your elected representatives, we work for everyone in our community, and it is our job to implement policies and programs which provide maximum benefit to all that call Penfield home. We understand not all will agree with every project or every project detail in our community. However, for the good of all, we must come together and compromise to ensure Penfield is the best it can be.

You can always keep updated with the latest information on our website,, and you can also attend or stream our Town Board meetings which take place twice a month.

Debbie Drawe, Supervisor