Shadow Pines Update: Proposed Pickleball Courts and Recreation Area

Deputy Supervisor’s Note: As many of you know, the Town of Penfield continues its efforts to improve the Shadow Pines property and make it a place for all in our community to enjoy. Currently, we are exploring the addition of 12 pickleball courts, restrooms, landscaping, and a recreation area in the northeast corner of the property.

At our recent Town Board meeting on Wednesday, May 3rd, the Board discussed a resolution (23T-119) that would have approved the advertising of bids for the construction of the pickleball courts, restrooms, and landscaping. Based on discussions with residents, and comments received over the past few weeks, including during the May 3rd meeting, we decided to put this resolution on hold for further evaluation.

With the feedback received, questions have been raised about the tree removal required for the project. The proposed project encompasses 9% of the Shadow Pines property. The proposed project’s footprint has been adjusted to utilize the maximum amount of existing open space, reducing its impact on healthy trees. Many trees identified for project removal are dead, dying, or diseased, and would require removal regardless of whether this project moves forward or not. The addition of 100 new trees will be included as part of this project’s landscaping plan.

The Town Board remains committed to preserving this property’s natural features while also making it accessible to all members of our community, which is consistent with the approved 2020 Shadow Pines Master Plan. I have personally walked the property several times with staff members to ensure any project put forth maximizes community benefits and limits environmental impacts.

Moving forward, the Town Board will continue to inform and address questions about the proposed project. This will include holding a public information session in the near future for community input. Once a date has been set, public notice will be provided. 

The Town Board’s intention for the Shadow Pines property is to create an area that promotes physical activity, social interaction, and community engagement for all members of our community. 

~Debbie Drawe, Deputy Supervisor