Note from the Parks Department: Let's all enjoy our parks safely and responsibly
It’s that time of year, and parks throughout Penfield are starting to fill up once again.

With it being springtime, the Town of Penfield Parks Department is out in full force cleaning up from the winter months and getting ready for the summer. Some key projects we are working on right now include finishing up the tee boxes for the disc golf course at the Shadow Pines property and putting the tennis nets up for the season. We also recently repaired a bridge at Shadow Pines which will benefit our residents as more people start to hit the trails.

As we get rolling further into the outdoor season, the Parks Department will conduct monthly playground and trail inspections along with mulching trees/garden beds, aeration of athletic fields, and rolling of the fields. Our mowing contractor started Monday, April 24. From this point through the end of the season, a regular mowing schedule will be followed across Town properties.

I am excited to announce we have a new addition to our team this year. That addition is a robotic line striper for our athletic fields. The newly acquired tool, named Al, will eliminate hours of work by our staff and help us more efficiently stripe our fields for a variety of sports. If you are out and see what looks like a machine moving along without human assistance, it’s just Al at work.

Finally, and most importantly, we want to make sure everyone can enjoy our parks and does so safely. A few important reminders about general rules and regulations at all Town parks and lands:
  • All properties are closed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. unless otherwise noted
    • Trails hours are dawn to dusk
  • Carry in, carry out to trash receptacles
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times
  • Clean up after pets
  • No recreational fires
  • No motorized vehicles
  • No swimming
  • No foraging
While these rules might seem very simple, by doing your part we can all enjoy the great amenities the Town of Penfield has to offer.

As a department, we take pride in providing great facilities for the community. We do our best to keep all Town properties looking great. If there are questions or concerns in any of our parks or properties, please contact me (Tim Masterton), Penfield Parks Foreman, (585) 340-8712, or

Tim Masterton, Parks Foreman