February Staff Spotlight: Todd McArthur, David Ellsworth, Greg Craft and Tim Masterton
This month’s Staff Spotlight highlights the work of Todd McArthur, David Ellsworth, and Greg Craft of the Town of Penfield Highway Department, and Tim Masterton, Parks Department Foreman.

On February 1, Todd and David, along with the help of Greg and Tim, conducted a chainsaw safety training overview for new Penfield DPW employees.

The group did a fantastic job outlining the correct methods to clean and sharpen saws, proper knot and throw line techniques for roping trees, and safety precautions while working with chainsaws. Trainees also learned preferred techniques to notch and back-cut trees.

Following the overview, trainees had a chance to put their new knowledge to the test by practice cutting logs which were set up in the DPW yard to simulate trees in a safe and controlled environment. The instructors also did a live demonstration of roping and felling a dead ash tree.

Proficient chainsaw skills are critical for DPW employees, particularly during high wind events when downed trees must be cleared from roadways and infrastructure in a timely manner.

“The training was very informative and a great learning experience for the trainees,” said Eric Tait, Director of Public Works. “I appreciate the work of Todd, David, Greg, and Tim, and it’s another great example of the important role all DPW employees play in our community.”