Penfield Town Supervisor Marie Cinti announces leave of absence to care for family member
Penfield Town Supervisor Marie Cinti will be taking an 8-week leave of absence from her position to care for a family member who has recently become ill.

The leave is effective Monday, December 12.

In her absence, Deputy Town Supervisor Debbie Drawe will assume the day-to-day duties of the Town Supervisor.

As has been past practice, inquiries to the Supervisor’s Office should continue to be directed to or (585) 340-8630.

Town Supervisor Marie Cinti
“I believe that family comes first. This decision was not easy, but I believe it is the right one for me, my family, and the community. This decision is one based solely on the need to care for my family, and I look forward to returning full-time to my role as Penfield Town Supervisor. Town operations will continue business as usual, and I would like to thank Debbie Drawe for her willingness to assist in my absence.”

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